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Suponed que tenéis una empresa y queréis contratar a Luis, informático, de 30 años.

Queréis que cobre 24.000€ netos al año, 2.000€ mensuales.

¿Queréis saber cuánto os costaría tanto a ti como a Luis?

Ven, acompáñame en esta triste historia.

Hilo (1/5)

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ciudadanoalt/statu

Estoy disfrutando mucho el Disco Elysium. Los textos son 1/3 novela policíaca noir, 1/3 poema de Whitman, 1/3 shitpost del tumblr.

Una práctica en la doma de caballos es coger al potrillo y levantarlo en peso. El potro flipa, «madre mía, este puede conmigo».

Esa idea se le queda grabada. Luego crece, se vuelve mucho más fuerte que el domador, pero sigue dócil. ¿Qué cosas, eh?

En fin, Feliz Día del Trabajo.

Here another time-lapse from my streams on #peertube this week.
I hope you like my bottled town and see you all in the next #artstream

#art #mastoart #traditionalart
🔥 🎨

Jejejeje. Hoy he tenido visita de una editora de rol en la tienda y ha terminando pidiéndome portfolio de maquetación. Ojalá salga algo porque lo disfrutaría un montón, y mi media jornada me deja bastante margen de maniobra.

Hi! I'm Kim, an illustrator in San Francisco. Here a few samples of my work :) you can find more at www.kimherbst.com and I'll hopefully post more here #illustration #artwork

Starting a tag for people who are struggling with making art because they're not up to their own standards.


Draw something little. Just have a go A little flower or some leaves or something abstract. Then share it with that tag.

People browsing the tag: be kind and encouraging. Help people get into the habit of drawing regularly and not being afraid of being 'bad'. :bob_ross:

Mi misión en el mundo va a ser que todos nos leamos esto y así evitar cualquier posibilidad de que creamos que los multimillonarios están de vuestra parte

Cristo bendito la cantidad de emojis personalizados que tiene esta mierda.

:conga_parrot: :conga_parrot: :conga_parrot: :conga_parrot:
:acongablob: :acongablob: :acongablob: :acongablob:
:thums_up_parrot: :blobrainbow: :christmas_parrot: :rainbowthink:

Here’s an illustration I completed earlier this year, after the idea got stuck in my head and haunted me for weeks.

Every time I passed these roadside signs on the motorway, my head would start planning how to turn it into a shelter between settlements during a zombie apocalypse! I finally just sat down and drew it, and this is the result!

#art #DigitalArt #Illustration #procreate #Zombies #T4T

Current server costs are 280 EUR a month. :O

If you can help, it would be very much appreciated, especially considering we will probably need to upgrade again going forward to cater to new users coming over from birbsite.




.ART runs entirely on community funding. There are not and will never be ads, and everything is moderated and managed by real people. <3

Dos meses después de publicarse y sin promo de ningún tipo, el mini juego de rol de gansos horribles sigue teniendo descargas día sí, día no. Qué ilusión más tonta me hace. minicarbonara.itch.io/untitled

listen, i'm glad everyone is here/back but platform metacommentary alone won't be enough to make this stick. you need to start posting inane nonsense

what did you eat today. did you see any cool bugs

Another art for today, since someone mentioned Uvilda, Dean of Perfection :D

Created for MTG's Strixhaven.
#art #illustration

Ok let's give this a shot
I'm Letty, I make comics and illustrations and get very emotional about worms.
🪱 I like drawing monsters and spooky stuff
🐛 queer and environmental and folklore themes
🐌 ttrpg and narrative art
🌱My webcomic Owl People is about fairies doing crimes! read it at owl-people.com/ or on tapas
🐸 my portfolio site has more of my work and more info: toadlett.com/

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