Good morning, cuties!

Today is the perfect day to kick a racist motherfucker in the face.


Good morning, you lovely peoples.

If an organization requires its users to log into a siloed service to download "free software," then that software isn't actually free.

Personal information is valuable and they will sell yours to marketing firms to turn a profit.

People deserve true FLOSS solutions, and in lieu of that, people deserve at the very least full transparency.

an infinite number of babies typing random characters on an infinite number of typewriters will eventually produce the complete script of Boss Baby

The Happytime Murders is just Conker's Bad Fur Day don't @ me

Petition to rename the federated timeline to "toot le monde"

everytime people talk about cryptographic petnames I just go back in time to the Semantic IRC, PSYC, SecuShare crowd

the one key thing that crowd always misses is that we are building this stuff for normal people to use. normal people don't care about any of this. they get [email protected] and user.domain.tld subdomains.

people don't want to tell the difference between

- Alyssa (0x12345678)
- Alyssa (0x87654321)

and they aren't going to go to the trouble to build a trust graph

Consider to move away from evil digital empires (like Google, FB...) and their mind farming agorithms and spywares. Found very useful guide from @Tutanota that can help you discover alternatives.

Happy Sunday, space nerds!

The internet is a vast repository of information. It's the pinnacle of human achievement and a handful of companies have gradually hijacked its use for the purpose of harvesting your personal information.

They do this to manipulate you.

They do this to marginalize you.

They do this to silence you.

Tunnel. Decentralize. Obfuscate. Erase. Take back the internet by any means necessary.

You have to fight back.

boost this toot to double your gay level

Puerto Rico is a commonwealth and unincorporated territory of the United States. Their most recent referendum on the matter saw 97% in favor of admission to statehood, with ≈23% turnout. Voter disenfranchisement aside, statehood was an eventuality planned for by the Obama administration, with billions of dollars allocated for economic stimulus should admission occur.

The death toll from Maria is likely to keep rising. The Trump administration is responsible.

We should be paying reparations.

It really *is* that bad. You aren't going crazy, the writing's on the wall. It'll get worse before it gets better.

Mobilize. Inform. Instruct. Give, give, give, with no expectation of return. This isn't a zero-sum game, and that's the knowledge they fear most of all.

Use it. Fight back.

Good afternoon! Reminder: your life is worthwhile, you are valid, you are strong, you *are* fucking capable.

No one holds sway over your agency but you. Your future is bright.

But you have to fight.


Hi, I'm Hannah, a trans woman in my late 20s.

I'm a software developer just outside London, UK, working mostly in C++. For my own projects I really like Python, and I've been playing around with Rust.

I'm into a bunch of videogame genres, tabletop games, electronic music, space science, sci-fi, fantasy, and queer fiction.

Selfies and photos of my attempts at nail art are kind of inevitable.

#introduction #reintroduction
Hi I am Konrad a.k.a Conny. I am a software engineer and I make #Android Apps for a large retail chain in #Vienna four days a week. (Something gotta pay the bills.) In my free time I try to organize with other people against our far-right government. When Im not doing that I maintain @Tusky, a Mastodon client for Android. I also like to paint with watercolors and travel around Europe. Here is a picture of me in front of the Belvedere in Vienna.

year month day is superior to anything else

Political analytics firms take this information and use it to game the system.

They work to create system in which disenfranchised voters are pushed down and stay down. They lie, cheat, and steal. They manipulate you and oppress you daily.

You're a problem to be eradicated.

Fight back.

Good morning, knuckleheads. Don't forget: modern social media exists to sell your information to ad tech firms so they can segment you, target you, and ultimately dehumanize you. Modern websites use cookies to track your movement across the web so Google and other ad serving platforms can *sell your data*.

Block tracking by any means necessary.

Fight back.

Morning, gorgeous fediversians.

This seems like a day to make new friends. Reach out to someone you find interesting and see how it goes.

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