Good morning, knuckleheads. Don't forget: modern social media exists to sell your information to ad tech firms so they can segment you, target you, and ultimately dehumanize you. Modern websites use cookies to track your movement across the web so Google and other ad serving platforms can *sell your data*.

Block tracking by any means necessary.

Fight back.

Political analytics firms take this information and use it to game the system.

They work to create system in which disenfranchised voters are pushed down and stay down. They lie, cheat, and steal. They manipulate you and oppress you daily.

You're a problem to be eradicated.

Fight back.

@mira It always amazes me that people think this is okay. We hold two incompatible beliefs: only VOTES should influence election results; political analysis and vote rule-changes are fine.

Well the thing is that they wouldn't spend billions to change the rules or game the system if it didn't affect the fucking outcomes of the elections.

In my experience, the only people who tend toward the more "fluid" option here are the ones who have no perceived qualms with either outcome.

It's not mental gymnastics to believe that a given politician with enough resources to execute an advanced data-driven election campaign has the interests of the meek at heart. It's simple ignorance of statistical optimization.

It's not necessarily that the politician is "bad," it's that the method is inhumane by definition.

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