[EN⬇️] etik alde egiteko asmotan @disroot probatzen nabil, eta kasi zerbitzari propioan (igual etxekoan, alokatzen ibili gabe) aritzea zentzuzkoagoa iruditzen ari zait. Baino merezi al du horrenbesteko lana hartzeak? Aditua ez naizela kontuan izanda? Denok hala ibili behar izateak, berriz, garbi ez du inongo zentzurik. Zerbitzu publikoa behar luke...

[comes from ⬆️]

In the quest to escape I've been testing which I came across just yesterday. I'm thinking it could make more sense to go -hosted (even at home, without buying 3rd party server space) but... is it worth the hassle? Me not being an expert in the field? Sure it would be pointless that each of us needed to go this way. Maybe it just needs to be a public service...

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