Yesterday I registered a domain name using my brand new @disroot email address. Today I woke up with 15 messages in my inbox... and counting! 🤔😫 How do you cope?

@miren Internet domain registers use to have an option to ofuscate whois details.
Also don't use default email account names like [email protected], [email protected]...

@colegota I have changed the setup to private whois now, but maybe it's too late? 😱

@colegota I'm guessing it must have been the domain registration, because the only other thing I've used this address for is my and accounts... I

@miren For what is worth, years ago I purchased a domain that had belonged to a small org. I inherited all "their" spam on day 1, and I still receive it nowadays. Mildly smart filters take care of most of it.

@icaria36 I confess I lived completely oblivious to the amount of spam that "happens"... Now I'm taking much better care on my choice of email provider + accounts and services I sign up into.

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