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Very cool.

"The World's 1st Computer Algorithm, Written by Ada Lovelace, Sells for $125,000 at Auction"


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Shout-out to The Weather Girls for their commitment to journalistic integrity, not letting news media cite vague sources in their 1982 hit "It's Raining Men"

> "According to our sources"

> "What sources now?"

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Pushing scholarly #publishing toward a 100% #openaccess model. aeon.co/ideas/scholarly-publis

This Aeon article includes discussion on improving the way peer review, etc. works. The author (Tennant) says" "All of the technology and traits to build a hybridised scholarly commons infrastructure already exists. It is up to academic communities themselves to step away from their apathy and towards a fairer and more democratic system for sharing our knowledge and work."

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Request for federated blog software rec's Show more

Surprised at how many academics here did not know ! Go check it if you are one of them: sci-hub.tw

Scholars, do (or even can) you use sources you can only access through, say, ?

Upcoming free course “Intro to R for Journalists: How to Find Great Stories in Data,” from the Knight Center journalismcourses.org/RC0818.h

@ondiz please do. I could use it I to censor your writing about it if you want 😋

I used to wait until the end of the warranty period to root/install a custom ROM on my phone. Not sure it will take that long this time...

@Notxor @nixromina "CorelDraw"? "Lenguaje de programación"? 🤣

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@icaria36 I confess I lived completely oblivious to the amount of spam that "happens"... Now I'm taking much better care on my choice of email provider + accounts and services I sign up into.

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Cómo NO hacer una campaña contra el machismo (video, 3:52). sants.tv/fit/15112301005191

Video realizado por Alicia Murillo Ruiz. Muy acertado. Me pregunto cuántas mujeres estuvieron involucradas en la campaña esta del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla.

Goizean euri dexente eta eguerditik aurrera euria etengabe @euskalmet

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Mastodon: Fedibertsora euskaraz

Fedibertsoa elkarrekin bateragarriak diren gizarte-sare federatu libreen ekosistema bat da. Hainbat zerbitzaritan eta saretan egonda ere, erabiltzaileak elkarrekin komunikatzen dira federazioari esker.

Sare guzti hauen artean hazkunde deigarriena izaten ari dena Mastodon da, Twitter-en ordezko etiko bat.


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Happy to be #movingtoGitLab for now. Yes, I know about #IPFS and other decentralised options, and the risk of simply moving to yet another centralised business, but for the moment this is probably not a good choice for me because of (1) the extra work, (2) the loss of bells and whistles that #GitLab and #GitHub add on top of Git, (3) the fact that IPFS is still alpha, and (4 ) the requirement to still use something accessible for the wider public because I teach and interact with beginners.

En esto que estaba yo saliéndome de , , ... Ahora también de ! 🤦 Y el ...! 😰😵😩

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