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No, I have not joined (yet another) social network.

I have joined a social federation! :)

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I've been at an OWASP web security workshop... SQL injection in 2017? Seriously?!?

Nahh... Is there any Windows 10 client for Mastodon? There are phones out there which got that installed 🤓

... great community! Thanks a lot guys, going to give cluster setup a spin =) I'll let you know when it's up and public accesible :sunglasses:

@[email protected]n Hi, heard you run a mastodon cluster setup? Web worker and Background worker seperated? What about assets?

Hey you Mastodon Devs and Admins... is it possible to run the background tasks on a diffrent machine than the web worker?

Anyone seen the new 'Ghost in the shell' movie? How do you like it?

@angristan Man, mastodon is great, I gotta spin up my own instance =)) What kind of iron are you using for mstdon.io? I was thinking 2 x 2 core workers behind load balancer... Would be enough to do the start?

Ahhh, nice ... There it is, the 'follow' feature :-))


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