I said I would have a go at designing icons for Mastodon, so here's a mockup with them integrated 🙂raw.githubusercontent.com/snwh

@snwh These are great. Especially love the rocket ship and astronaut-type icons.

@mjd it seemed appropriate for "boost" and it went from there.

@snwh It makes perfect sense. It also feels less reliant on Twitter design language.

@mjd exactly, you can see there are some Twitter icon analogues still in there.


@snwh Which makes sense -- Twitter and Facebook have so dominated our conceptions of how social networks work it will be hard to come up with a different vocabulary for actions that make sense to everyone, much like a floppy disk still means "save" in some places.

@mjd Mastodon is already establishing a new vocabulary with Toots and boosts.

@snwh Indeed - this is why your takeoff icon makes sense -- the current recycle icon says retweet but not "boost" to me.

@snwh I also like the use of the actual Mastodon icon for getting started -- asterisk doesn't really mean anything.

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