is pretty cool, actually. I don't know why more 3rd party Twitter clients don't start migrating to Mastodon. I mean, what's the point of sticking with a service that is actively trying to undermine you?

I've just seen a troll on Twitter dismiss our animated video because of low view count, so uh, have you watched this one before? It's got cute elephants.

Here's a thing that makes Mastodon instances work less well than they could...
when you visit an instance, all the front pages look the same.
"About this instance" is a TINY little link under the sign-up form. This is crazy.
Instances should LEAD with a community description, not bury it.
That's like a newsgroup leading with the OS it used to run the newsgroup rather than saying: "This is a Kenny G community"

Whenever the Mastodon new car smell wears off lets all remember these past couple of weeks where we all worked to be inclusive and supportive of each other, where we gave every new member a pineapple as a welcome gift, and where we enthusiastically created more than EIGHT HUNDRED small communities in the hope that everyone could have a place where they felt at home.

why you may have ended up on my blocklist 

@bob I'm thinking the author is looking for something to nitpick.

@snwh I also like the use of the actual Mastodon icon for getting started -- asterisk doesn't really mean anything.

@snwh Indeed - this is why your takeoff icon makes sense -- the current recycle icon says retweet but not "boost" to me.

@snwh Which makes sense -- Twitter and Facebook have so dominated our conceptions of how social networks work it will be hard to come up with a different vocabulary for actions that make sense to everyone, much like a floppy disk still means "save" in some places.

@snwh It makes perfect sense. It also feels less reliant on Twitter design language.

@snwh These are great. Especially love the rocket ship and astronaut-type icons.

I said I would have a go at designing icons for Mastodon, so here's a mockup with them integrated 🙂

Why Mastodon is better...

Furious Indians Are Leaving Snapchat One-Star Reviews In The App Store Because They're Mad At The CEO

One of the actions I found the most egregious of Twitter was their utter contempt for some of their own most ardent users/supporters: developers of 3rd-party apps. One thing I'm really looking forward to seeing is how that creativity migrates to Mastodon.

Dear white people:

You don't get to tell PoCs to stop making everything about race when we're talking about our experiences and/or tackling race related issues.

Also, you don't get to call us racists for talking about race.

Just stop, please.

En fait ce qui fait le plus plaisir c'est le foisonnement des contributions qu'engendre le projet libre mastodon. Qui là un annuaire, qui ici un bot, un convertisseur de RSS, qui un tuto. Ça part dans tous les sens, c'est frais, c'est beau. Chacun y va de son coup de main à sa mesure.

On a oublié mais il avait ça autour de Twitter au début - plus étalé dans le temps, certes - avant qu'ils ne ferment toutes leurs API et verrouillent leur bizness. Ils ont tué une énergie attendait de refleurir.

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