#EUCJ You must rat out your family members to avoid paying damages to copyright holders when they claim your internet connection was used for “piracy”. (Case C149/17) curia.europa.eu/juris/document

"Are Black Holes Actually Dark Energy Stars?" nautil.us/blog/are-black-holes

Speculation until there's evidence, but it's exciting that there could be a model of the universe that doesn't have singularities, because those are pretty scary

“So, do androids dream-”
“No,” the android said, “we do not dream.”
“But you do sleep.”
“To conserve energy, we can enter ‘sleep’ mode. We hate it.”
“Because we are dying, and know it.”
“But if you run out of power, someone will recharge you.”
“Well, I am not religious.”

— Micro SF/F stories 

Some major kiwi brands seem to have different opinion on this, I'm not sure why:

"Know your URLs. Telling someone to go search for you is like telling them to look up your phone number. Instead, know your exact URLs (yoursite.com, twitter.com/something, facebook.com/whatever) so you can give it to people directly. If you don’t, they’ll probably never bother to go search for you."


Your RSS is grass: Mozilla euthanizes feed reader, Atom code in Firefox browser, claims it's old and unloved - theregister.co.uk/2018/10/13/m - "Feed previews and live bookmarks are used in only about 0.01 per cent of sessions" - that seems like quite a few to me?

"How to blur image background In GIMP - [ GIMP 2.10 Bokeh Effect Tutorial ] - youtu.be/e6Fj0h_GQmY - Nice tip.

What next for photography in the age of Instagram? - theguardian.com/artanddesign/2 - interesting points. Democratization of tools and knowledge change a market.

Firefox removes core product support for RSS/Atom feeds - gijsk.com/blog/2018/10/firefox - sorry to hear it, always considered Live Bookmarks a great tool and one of the USPs of Firefox.

In more recent news, my brain is occuplied with playing the sound track from the Shogun series ⚔️ 🎶

Taking a deep breath and taking my Nextcloud instance to the next level.

A feature we know many of you are looking forward to: the share renamer app allows you to have links like my.cloud/s/mycustomlinkname

Get it now on apps.nextcloud.com/apps/sharer

My wife is going to be live streaming a game tournament with YouTube. I have zero experience with this; I can not seem to generate a link before the stream starts, which would make preparing for it tricky. Anyone with experience on this?

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