The Rise and Fall of the English Sentence: The surprising forces influencing the complexity of the language we speak and write - - Like, cool piece, yeah?
(Via @scottnesbitt )

@Strit Jeg kan se, at du diskuterer - bruger du den? Jeg er meget interesseret i Riot og Matrix, men jeg er ikke rigtigt med i nogen projekter, der dyrker det.

Violent video games found not to be associated with adolescent aggression - - "Researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, have found no relationship between aggressive behaviour in teenagers and the amount of time spent playing violent video games."
Glad to see research, but seriously: If everyone playing GTA mimicked it, everyday life in the city would be pretty damned rough

#Searx is an open source search engine which combines results from 70 other search engines while stripping away their trackers.

You can try it out on any public Searx instance, for example:

If you run a server, you can also install your own Searx instance:

It also works through @torproject if you want an extra layer of privacy.

#AlternativesAtoZ #SearchEngines

Does anyone know an Android audio tag editor that will handle Opus files?

Ah, Gnome 3 with a beautiful transparent top panel.
This is the cleanest clean and just lovely.

Chuck Schumer's general counsel, once a Goldman Sachs lobbyist, won't disclose the names of 95% of his former clients

If you're a developer interested in #OpenSource projects that make the world better, our team wants to hire someone like you. Got coding chops, passion, & a good internet connection? Let's make it happen!


#FreeSoftware #ICT4D #FLOSS #FOSS

Save money this Valentine's Day by being unlovable

I need to automatically extract data from an outline in a Word document. Word’s APIs are obviously terrible.

Tried converting into HTML so I could just parse <ol>s, but no; Word created thousands of <p>s and styled them individually to make a list. Tried unzipping the docx, found a similar mess.

Convert to OpenDocument and suddenly it’s in a reasonable nested list form with correct use of XML.

Once again, open formats prove themselves superior to Microsoft.

I've just republished my book Learning Markdown. It takes you from a blank page to a fully-formatted document, and each chapter ends with an exercise that gets you to use and build on what you’ve learned.

Best of all, it'll just set you back $2.99. You can find out more about Learning Markdown here:

@Jami How does Jami do contact discovery? Is there a central registry, or does it send invites for direct connection?
All processing done locally?

So #FollowFriday. Much alternative. Wow. :blobsurprised:

🌐 @torproject Tor Project: Volunteer network for protecting privacy online

📞 @Jami Jami: Free open alternative to #Skype, uses peer-to-peer instead of servers

🤖 @gdroid G-Droid: An alternative user-friendly way of browsing @fdroidorg

🕹️ @itchio DRM-free indie games store and community site

⛏️ @Minetest Minetest: Free open alternative to #Minecraft

#FF #FFed #Alternatives

Woman wakes up in darkness, unable to move. Horrified, with no mouth to scream. Suddenly one day, she is spoken to and discovers she is able to answer. She is told she was hurt and is being rehabilitated. Over weeks, she talks with her therapist and starts coming to terms with leaving life behind.
One day, her therapist reveals that her body was destroyed in a disaster that made the Earth uninhabitable, and she was uploaded as an AI officer on the ship now evacuating mankind.

The apples are left on the trees in the orchard. When wintry rain covers them in ice, the apples are persuaded to dissolve, to leave only a ghost behind in the icy shell.
Cider made from ghost apples warms the dead, and chills the living.
You look like you need some.
#Cassoland #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Text for tombstone:
"Method to his madness, but much madness to his method"

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