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Morten J.-J. Zölde-Fejér

mjjzf - Experimenting with Joplin, a note-taking system which let's you create notebooks, notes & to-dos. Formatting with Markdown, and Joplin can import from Evernote. You can tag and add files to notes.
Desktop clients for Linux, Windows and Mac & Android and IOS apps. What makes Joplin interesting: store the files locally, on OneDrive, on WebDAV and on Nextcloud! Pleased with a self-hosted option.
Seems simplistic, but is very useful and usable.
Available from

Q: What do you say when you are comforting a grammar Nazi?
A: There, Their, They're

Using Slack for organizing or activism? You should be aware of the ways it can fall short in protecting your security.

Stephen Fry, Language Enthusiast, Defends The "Unnecessary" Art Of Swearing

Omarosa warns America of ‘scary’ Pence - - only reason nobody shot Trump is that Pence would take the helm

Top 20 GNOME Extensions You Should Be Using Right Now - - Not a fan of every suggestion, but a lot of good ones in here.

Mie Oehlenschläger (@MieOeh) tweeted at 18.33 on feb. 10:
In Denmark the discussion about digital age of consent has been absolutely absent.

The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 6.0: power, simplicity, security and interoperability from desktop to cloud -

The making of the Doomsday Clock: Art, science and the atomic apocalypse

#noagenda 998
@adam: Now you know why I was never been verified [on Twitter], I’m that a-hole from the No Agenda show.
@Johncdvorak: Well, you were an a-hole before the No Agenda show.
A: Thank you.

2005 US: ha ha we have an Open Internet, unlike China and Australia
2018 US: here's my VPN for region-locked youtube, here's my VPN for sci-hub...

You can always count on InspiroBot™

As it was, so it shall be.
(via Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols on G+)

Accessing and working on an FTP server from my phone still seems a bit magical.
Running one from my phone, even more so.

ZTEs Axon M hat zwei Touchscreens, die sich in der Mitte auf- und zusammenfalten lassen. In Kürze soll das Axon M auch in Europa erhältlich sein.