My Nextcloud server has been challenged with the last couple of updates.
Now that 21 has landed, perhaps it is time to upgrade the server and put in a fresh install.

Looking at a review of the Lenovo Smart Clock. It seems the reviewer think people would be sad to see it does not put a live camera on the place you sleep (among other things)?

Doctor Who confirms return date for Weeping Angels in new trailer - Angels, sure, but... this game has Osgood! I want a full 1st Person Sneaker starring Osgood.

The phrase "The early bird gets the worm" has taught me never to be the early worm.

"One would expect people to remember the past and to imagine the future. But in fact, when discoursing or writing about history, they imagine it in terms of their own experience, and when trying to gauge the future they cite supposed analogies from the past: til, by a double process of repetition, they imagine the past and remember the future."

(Sir Lewis Namier, 1942)

I am not saying I let social media distract me, but let me just share this picture I took with my second phone of me not reading my book because a newsletter arrived

Requesting suggestions:
I love the clean white theme I use on - but it is not an adaptive theme, and it does not really play on mobile. I like the design, the clean white text focus and that the front page can be set to show recent posts in full. Any recommendations?

Surprised how few extensions are available on Firefox for Android.
Is this a completely different way to write them? I would have expected them to be more portable.

the world’s first synthesizer was a warehouse of electromagnetic pickups next to large gears spinning at high speed, with different gear frequencies. you could listen to it by calling a phone number. the electric amplifier had not been invented yet, so making everything bigger was they only way they knew to get enough power for all those phones over that distance. #analogComputing
i wonder how many things we might be doing today at a stupid scale in a stupid way, waiting for the right invention

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