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Morten J.-J. Zölde-Fejér

Reposting my "What is Pleroma" article once more for the new people:
lol, tesla is stopping production for five days so they can fix their broken process, sending the workers home for the time without pay.

Thanks for saving the world Elon, you're such a cool dude

this is the kind of content i still miss on the fediverse

@Tusky In the latest version running on an S8, the toots appear to be delivered, but the notification that it is delivering them is still running.
Is this a known thing?

Public Domain Review writes:
Excited to announce a brand new part of the site: PDR Remix! Here we'll showcase works by contemporary artists reusing public domain material [...] First up we have three beautiful pieces by Katie Dean. Pictured here: a visualisation using more than 300 photographs from Anna Atkins’ Cyanotypes of British Algae (1843). Click here to see more:

The World's Biggest Porn Site Now Accepts Cryptocurrency - - a curious business, but it is a business, and a big one - and takes cryptocurrency seriously

wow :o

" I've just published a hobby project of mine: , a new programming language / transpiler hybrid.

Write code in 11 languages at the same time! #cpp #csharp #golang #java #javascript #perl #php #python #ruby #swift #typescript"

Künftig setzt die Bundesverwaltung auf Nextcloud. Rund 300.000 Mitarbeiter in Behörden und Ministerien sollen mit der Open-Source-Software arbeiten.… #Bundescloud #Cloud #CloudComputing #Computacenter #Dropbox #GoogleDrive #ITZBund #Nextcloud #RHEL #openstack #öffentlicheVerwaltung
i now see the light and will rewrite pleroma in java enterprise edition

OLPC’s $100 laptop was going to change the world — then it all went wrong. - great intentions

They dug the deepest hole in the history of Mankind. What they found at the bottom was not rock, not magma, but flesh. Living, pulsing flesh.
#writingprompts #writing