You people working on smartphone dictionaries... You really need to get your fucks in a row.

Playing Far Cry 3. Never got into it when it was first released, then picked it up from the recent Ubisoft sale.
I can see how they wanted to merge the atmosphere of the first game with the open-world semi-linear approach of the second game. But it is not entirely up there in storyline, sadly. The story in the first Far Cry game really made you feel like being part of a movie.
Well, at least I got FC4 and FC5 in the sale as well.

On balancing desires 

Today's quote is from an old acquaintance of mine, who just said that 'one must acknowledge that however inconvenient, your penis will take inspiration from your heart, and, however inconvenient, your heart will take advice from your penis.'

The Binary Code of Body and Spirit: Computing Pioneer Alan Turing on Mortality - - on the anniversary of the death of Alan Turing

"Always, before any of this began, I enjoyed gossip, an essential qualification for the [psychotherapist] job. Now I get to hear a lot of it, a river of human effluvium flowing into me, day after day, year after year. Like many modernists, Freud privileged detritus; you could call him the first artist of the ‘found’, making meaning out of that which is usually discarded. It is dirty work, getting closely acquainted with the human."

- Hanif Kureishi: Something to tell you

"The man you love in me, of course, is better than me. I'm not like that. But he loves you, and I'll make sure I'm better than myself."

A. S. Pushkin

Usually my open source and self hosting interests are all hobby, but when I use integrated into my Nextcloud to make flowcharts for my work, it is very gratifying...

Is there actually a sensible way to drive the tank in Battlefield WWII?
It seems to pretty much drive in the direction it feels like.

and some people still believe in this whole "autogynephilia" thing, which means they perceive the very existence of trans people as inherently sexual

RT @[email protected]

It just feels blatantly obvious that the second we concede “fetish and kink”, every single non-passing, nonbinary, or in any other way non gender conforming trans person becomes a target


Regardless of your talents, the difference in likelihood of doing something if you try and doing something if you don't try is still above zero.

Time to make things happen! Unfortunately, this is the biggest combination of crisis and useless you can imagine.

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