@thaj / @thaj Do you know of it is possible to subscribe to your HPR Book Club parts in a separate RSS?
There is so much on HPR, it is a bit overwhelming if one can not separate them...

@mjjzf @thaj I don't think that option exists on hpr - so it would have to be a separate site/rss feed

@theru @thaj That is what I expect. It would be a nice feature. But then, I guess part of the point is exposure to things one would not otherwise check out...

@mjjzf No not on HPR. I would venture to say that it would be something we might be able to do on the unrandom site (I'd have to check with @x1101 first, since he runs the site).

@mjjzf I bet we could make this happen.

@thaj, if you add to show notes, I *might* remember

@mjjzf Yeah, I'm subbed to HPR, but listen to probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 3% of shows.
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