Is there an integrated tool to create a @nextcloud backup? As in an easy way to backup and restore the entire system with all the shares and settings?

@mjjzf @nextcloud In older releases not one that has ever worked for me. I think it's gotten better in more recent versions. It;s always been such a PITA to upgrade/backup that I neglect it. For example, I think I'm on version 12 something right now. To upgrade almost always involves nuke and pave so I just don't do it.

@thaj @nextcloud Yes. The upgrades have burned me so often I was going for the fresh install + Import route

@mjjzf @nextcloud Yep. Getting ready to do the same myself. It just makes it hard to put lots of data into it and trust it if upgrading requires a whole rebuild. There are many times that I *would* use Nextcloud to move data, but then don't because I'm thinking about having to re-build it in the future.

@thaj If I have to reset all shares at every upgrade, it sort of defies the point...

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