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@mjjzf Yep, not to mention that it is very easy to get around Europe and the cultural institutions there.

I always feel like this whenever I see school (including high school) aged kids visiting the galleries and museums. Especially when I was at the 'House of Terror' communism museum in Budapest or when I hear some flatmates about how they went camping in the Sahara desert as part of a school trip some time ago. And comparing to my own childhood (I think the first time I went to a major art gallery was maybe 18 or 19).
@hcs @mjjzf we'd get a bus and go to see some museum or place of cultural significance (a theater, some monument...) once a month or so, but I don't think we really ever got much out of it, except for a day out of school
@pony @mjjzf Is this in Prague? That's way better than me living in (not that) regional Australia in the early 00s. It's surprising that I somehow managed to work in arts/cultural industry for the first few years (and could have studied it but I was a bit more 'practical').
@hcs @mjjzf no, small town ~100km south of Prague, we would usually go to Prague to see something, but not always, there are places of interest all around
@pony @mjjzf From what I recall, the school excursions I've had in high school has been largely around going to some outdoor camps doing stuff like canoeing/kayaking, hiking, playing in the mud (some pull rope game?) and so on. Not 'visit a museum' lol.
And I went to an all-female school
@hcs @mjjzf there is a tradition of having a 'school trip' by the end of each school year which is geared towards what we wanted as the kids, like camping somewhere for few days, though it's usually got something like a castle or some other sightseeing thrown in to justify it

but 'normal' trips are supposed to be purely 'educational', museums, historic sites, theaters, all this.

now of course, not all these things were great, we were to few events that were horrible (and we could tell even as kids), and the organizers probably knew too, but relied on schools as guaranteed attendance

(in overall, as an adult, I still probably go to see exhibits and museums more often, but of course, living in Prague helps a lot)

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@aeveltstra @mjjzf School outings are paid extra. Australia has state/public school system which is free but not surw how things work there
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