Had a page hang in Firefox. I closed it. Closing Gnome, it says I have an app that is hanging.
I know, kill it.
Then Systemd tells me that it has a stop job that is unfinished - now I can wait.
Remember when we said that we loved how the system does not hang because we can kill the processes directly? Yeah.
Okay, so I am getting old. :wq!

@mjjzf agreed.

If it helps, my work around is to switch to a different tty (Ctrl+Alt+F3), us the ps -A command to list processes, then do a kill -9 on the ID.
(Sudo killall Firefox can sometimes save you doing those last two steps)

It isn’t as pleasant as OSX’s force-quit tool or the Ctrl+Shift+Esc/Ctrl+Alt+Delete option on Windows though.

@bobstechsite I actually think Xkill is still there as well. It just reminded me of a time when the system was based on the user knowing what they were doing.

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