As someone who has limited knowledge:
Am I correct in assuming that if is set as default SMS/MMS app, it will send a message encrypted to those who are registered as using Signal and as a regular text to others?
If it goes through Signal, it will go through a Signal server as a message, and not as a text message?

@ericbuijs Thank you. Hmmm. Probably not going to be popular in my organisation...

@mjjzf @ericbuijs in my view there is No difference in an SMS being on the providers server or the signal server. At least when its on signal servers its encrypted

@Strit @ericbuijs Since I work in public service, the contracts specify the phone provider as a trusted channel in a GDPR sense. In that respect, Signal has a different status.

@mjjzf I know I'm fighting an uphill battle to get friends and family on Signal.

@mjjzf SMSs are NEVER encrypted. Even if both are using Signal.
You can choose sending SMS or regular signal-message (encripted) which makes more sense in this context

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