That's no phone...That's a tablet that can receive calls.

I'm looking at phones since my existing one will I assume be too old within the next year or so. The TL;DR is that none of the options are good either from a software freedom perspective or from a cost perspective, and recent-ish phones are impractically large.

@bob I feel like my current 4.5 inch phone is too large already. I don't want a 5 inch one.

Hope I can find a decent 4 inch phone again.

@njoseph 5 inch is now regarded as "mini". 4 inches I think would be a far better size for a phone, although none of the models made in the last few years appear to be that small.

@bob @njoseph I have actually wondered why there are so few smaller phones in business. I mean, the displays have insane resolution nowadays, so it is not like your could not get a complete overview from 4 inches, not to mention the battery advantages of not having to power a 6" high-resolution screen...

@mjjzf @njoseph I checked the lineageOS spreadsheet and there are no supported phones made after 2014 below 5 inches. So yes there is a real market failure to create more ergonomic phones which will easily fit in a pocket.
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