Call for suggestions & experience:
For a project with a handful of team members, I am looking for a self-hosted blog-style journal, not public, that can eventually be exported to a full document. Probably just text, but embedding photos a bonus. Export to Markdown, HTML or maybe just PDF. Anything good?

@mjjzf Emacs Org mode in a git repository should do the job. It's plain text, you can embed images with optional inline display, and Org mode exports to a shitload of formats.

Downside is that you and your crew would have to learn Emacs. :)

@starbreaker That's fair. I did consider some kind of Git setup, but these are people proud of publishing a WordPress post.

@mjjzf That changes (and complicates) matters. So what you need is something people who don't monkey around with computers for a living can use easily?

What if you set up a WordPress site on a machine that only talks to the LAN, and configured it so that everybody had to write in Markdown? Once you were ready to compile full documents, you could pull text out of the WordPress site and convert to other formats with pandoc.

@starbreaker That might be something. I was just wondering if there was something I could push a big happy EXPORT button and have something usable.

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