Hmmm. Gnome 40.
F34 is perfectly fine! But I do wonder about some design decisions...

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@mjjzf Yep. I'm not convinced with the Horizontal workspaces or the Mac-like menu at the bottom, Gasp! Was Shuttleworth right?

@dick_turpin To be fair, it may be a reaction to how many people are using Dash to Dock, but yes - not a fan of that. It is small things, shouldn't make a difference, but... Hm.

@mjjzf I'm afraid I have to disagree. It's billed as "Speeding up workflow", "More intuitive" After 20 years of vertical workspaces and being now, after all that time, pretty adept at implementing Ctrl+Alt+DownKey, I now find myself taking twice as long while exclaiming, "Oh, yeah. It's right or left now, In't it!"

@mjjzf And then I'm used to moving the mouse top left and seeing the workspaces on the right. With the new layout, you still have to scroll through the workspaces.

@mjjzf which ones?
Switched this Sunday and starting to get used to it.
What appears most questionable to me is the all horizontal layout of the new overview.
There's a lot of display space wasted and it seems silly that the hot corner for bringing up the overview is still in the top-left corner when the favorite apps are at the bottom.

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