Minidlna on Linux, VLC 3 on Android, and the Chromecast audio thingymajig... Nifty.

@chalkahlom You have good experiences with minidlna? I played with it a little while back and failed to make it work properly on Fedora.

@mjjzf to be honest, it was trivial to get working on the old laptop (Ubuntu Mate). Not exactly 'feature rich' . But it does what I want it to do (serve music over the home network)

@chalkahlom Right. I think my clients trying to create the streams were more to blame than minidlna.

@mjjzf I don't see any VLC3 updates for Linux (standard updates I mean). But give it a wee while and we'll see them there too.

@chalkahlom I saw the usual articles on how to get the new VLC via PPA, but these things tend to take a bit of time...

That's very likely. I tried several clients before I found one that worked 100% of the time.

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