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Morten J.-J. Zölde-Fejér

House no. 69 on the street. Nice touch with the double Debian logos...

Slow and fast living in the 21st.
I gave my Collected works of Tolstoy as a gift a free years ago. But this is 2018. So as I am walking around shopping, I decide I want to re-read Anna Karenina and War and Peace.
I pull up my phone, hit, grab the novels. After 15 yards, I'm done.
Now, I just need to read it.

Sitting on a deck reading while listening to slow 30s/40s jazz.
Feel like an extra on the Gatsby set.

A greeting from the Solidarity museum in Gdansk.

He may not be the most obvious hero of the next generation, but he is definitely my son

Not really a 'growing up' kind of family.

So... What kind of moron limits the number as characters in a name?

I have made a generic *looking into the horizon with a dark sense of foreboding* photo.
I will be referring to this when someone presents me with something they feel I should be concerned about.

1 in 5 teenagers!
This parent is now looking towards the sky with a worried frown.