"The well-being off the people was always an alibi for tyrants.
The 'pandemic' is a lie!
You are sleepwalking towards a dystopic surveillance society"
I thought this country had a fairly good grip on reality, but the tinfoil factor seems to be on the rise...

"The Republican Party Is Now in Its End Stages:
The GOP has become, in form if not in content, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union of the late 1970s."
theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/ - that is quite a comparison

I have played enough Fallout 4 to know I should probably bring these home.

Looking at a review of the Lenovo Smart Clock. It seems the reviewer think people would be sad to see it does not put a live camera on the place you sleep (among other things)?

I am not saying I let social media distract me, but let me just share this picture I took with my second phone of me not reading my book because a newsletter arrived

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