I am not saying I let social media distract me, but let me just share this picture I took with my second phone of me not reading my book because a newsletter arrived

of an interesting thing where @nextcloud nails it. Turns out, using Outlook it is not possible using recurring meetings to cancel all future meetings and still keep the ones you already participated in.
NC WILL do this. That is quite good. I will be changing my work function at the end of this month, and I will need to stop all the regularly scheduled follow-up meetings with my team. Using Outlook with my job, it means cancelling all the recurring series from Day 1.

Tourist'ing my own city today - The Opera House, Copenhagen - Take the water bus straight to the opera.

A great painting with the spice harvesters meeting on the dunes in a rare worm-free moment.
Well, actually this is "Harvest Time" by Kamil Mullashev, a Soviet painting from 1978.
I just spiced it up.

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