@markosaric Facebook, Google and Amazon. He will be mr. Popular in an instant.

@Ahuka Definitely the way to go. If the knees are acting up, you definitely want to give the bike a break.

"trusted advertising partners" is the new "clean coal"

The Age of Mass Surveillance Will Not Last Forever

Excerpt from Edward Snowden's introduction to Cory Doctorow's book - Little Brother & Homeland.

@craigmaloney Running a team and having to present serious changes, it is not a good idea to dump everything on everyone at once. It helps predict response and reactions and prepare them.
I am not saying I sit down and draw a diagram.
Like with change management, some need to see where we are going and can not just use the next step; but if others do not get the next step and just where we want to go, they feel lost in the woods.
I know I will burn some people, if I just wing it.

@craigmaloney Not using the test itself, simply the idea that some people get tired from a lot of contact, some from not having enough; some can not be persuaded by an explanation but need an emotional approach, some people need to put their mark on something for them to accept it... that kind of thing.
It is useful as a checklist on facets in how to approach a discussion.

@craigmaloney In some spheres, the MBTI rules the discussion. I find it useful as a narrative device, not much how people are scored.

@wdtz I use the Liberation fonts for most document writing anyway. IIRC, they were designed to be compatible with MS font metrics. It is basically only interesting if you distribiute something that could change layouts because of your font choices.

Afterism: A concise, clever statement you don't think of until too late. -- Thom

It dawns on me that with the introduction of Donna Noble, Rose Tyler ends up seeming quite classy.

@garrett I have been quite pleased with the CloudReady Chromium-based version of ChromeOS. My daughter uses browser-bsed applications, so it fits her profile perfectly. And to be honest, most of mine...

I am wondering about my Android phone battery use.
I use Facebook Messenger with the family, and it seems to be using quite a lot of battery for what it does. But I do not know if the Android battery report also includes the screen (because it is one of the few things I keep the screen on with for a longer time) or it is simply the battery use of that actual application, as in background?

No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness.
-- Aristotle

11 AM. Ate breakfast at 9. Did wash the bowl, so I have done something around the house today. Should I get up and do something? No.

boys will be boys*

*or sometimes girls, enbies or any of the other genders that exist

@haskal and ZAP! Everyone now has cancer.
Wait, is this how you 5G?

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