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I can not seem to find a sharing function in the Play Store to share links to Android apps anymore. Am I blind, or did they remove the Share feature?

When I talk with my children about screentime, I always say it is not about the screen, it is about what is on it. In this case I would say it is not about the number of follows and followers, it is the number of fuckwits

If you want to show #PeerTube to friends but you're worried about NSFW videos appearing on the front page, you could try showing them this instance:


A couple of other safe interesting instances too:

VidCommons: a collection of creative commons and public domain films

Blender: the official PeerTube instance for the Blender foundation, including their films

@jancborchardt Am I correct in the impression that Nextcloud Notes is designed for one, not multiple accounts?

Just released a new version of #ForkAwesome 1.1.6.

Notable changes are adding a spell-check, #pleroma, #f-droid, #python or #archlinux icons.

We also have our own domain name for more independence and coolness ;) forkaweso.me

Spread the word!

it's an insult to shagging that sometimes it will result in Baby

Chrome OS to bring Android VPN support for Linux apps on Chromebooks

I saw 10 peers on a PeerTube video today. Nice to see the WebTorrent idea actually working in practice.

#PeerTube #WebTorrent

When bae catches you deep frying a sword to make a chimikatana.

When bae catches you setting a Twinkie on fire because that "makes it Satan's problem now."

Here are some free software alternatives for some simple digital tasks:

Note keeping ➡️ Emacs Org-Mode
Rich text editing ➡️ Emacs Org-Mode
Todo lists ➡️ Emacs Org-Mode
Spreadsheets ➡️ Emacs Org-Mode
Calendars ➡️ Emacs Org-Mode

Hope this was of help!

I wish I had had something like Wallabag when I was a university student.

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