@randynose @claudiom which can be said for the image as well as the actual year 2019. A bit rough around the edges...

@tpheine Flying out to Brussels in a moment. The airline coffee is nasty, but I will refuel after landing.

Don't know about the good news, but the bad news is that my coffee is finished.
Also, / good morning

@openstreetmap is a map service which lets you use a very high-standard map based on open source software.
The web service is available to create maps for use on a website, and you can create maps using OSM data for walking trips with fieldpapers.org.
You can even host your own OSM server - see more on switch2osm.org.
The OSM data are crowdsourced, so it is very possible to contribute with data on areas you know - you can even complete missing data using the app .

It seems like a small thing, but every time I can click on a calendar link on my Linux laptop and it opens in my calendar app, hands off the data to my self-hosted Baïkal CalDAV server and I pick up my Android phone and see the data reflected on the widget... that is just so sweet.

Surprise your friends, families or colleagues with our special edition of #Christmas cards dedicated to the 4 freedoms to use, study, share, and improve.


Order today and you will receive them in time.


10 literary masterpieces on which every Russian was raised - rbth.com/arts/326951-10-russia
Gutenberg provides:
* Eugene Onegin, by Alexander Pushkin - gutenberg.org/ebooks/23997
* A Hero of Our Time, by Mikhail Lermontov - gutenberg.org/ebooks/913
* Dead Souls, by Nikolai Gogol - gutenberg.org/ebooks/1081
* Crime and Punishment, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky - gutenberg.org/ebooks/2554
* War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy - gutenberg.org/ebooks/2600
* Short stories by Anton Chekhov - gutenberg.org/ebooks/57333

I’ve stopped using my Mastodon app over the last couple of weeks, instead opting to simple add the Fosstodon icon to my phone’s home screen and use the webUI.

Honestly, I can’t see myself going back. It’s great having all the features on hand without having to switch to a browser (especially for admin/mod work).

If you’re looking for a *really* good Mastodon app, I’d seriously consider the default web experience if I were you.

Spending time on dead languages may seem a perversion to some, but I really enjoy the Latin lessons on .

alright serious talk

o really *need* to start an instance for #mastodon #india
too many amazing people here that need a home that id built by them, for them, and to facilitate community

gonna try and see if i can get a team going to help me moderate and create community there. i cant do this by myself

What if we put Toad's head on top of Thanos' body! 

@wftl Finding devices to read old formats, or cables and ports to connect to old readers, or deal with literal bitrot, hanging chads, smearing of magnetic fields, decay of silver halides or film stock or vinyl, shellac, or wax, confront archivists.

We can _capture_ vastly more data, but we _utilise_ much less of it. Data's counterpart is *attention*, and that is a far more fixed quantity.


Setting up a new site based on the flat file CMS. Very impressed with the level of settings in the interface, leaving room for advanced settings without making it cluttered and unmanageable.

Google and Facebook together receive 50% of the total worldwide digital ad spending in 2019. That's $103.73 billion and $67.37 billion respectively. They gained this position due to the incredibly detailed profiles of their users that they collected. Therefore these two companies enable advertisers to target a very specific audience for their ads.

Source for ad spending 2019:

#deletegoogle #deletefacebook

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