Ncuti Gatwa: BBC names actor as next Doctor Who star - - bold and brilliant choice. It is going to be such a relief after Jodie Whittaker.

The question you can ask and have over 500 replies to an hour later...

Der E-Mail-Client Mozilla Thunderbird soll bald auch für Android und iOS verfügbar sein. Das bestätigte der Produktmanager für Mozilla Thunderbird per Twitter.
E-Mail-Client Mozilla Thunderbird bald auch für mobile Geräte

I have been asked to work with the section in Copenhagen receiving the Ukrainian refugees. So many good hands-on people work on it, but we need to build an efficient database associating people with children, parents, metadata to assist in what needs to be done, like placing the families with children close to where schools have capacity and the like.
The Danish social security number is a key to all citizens, but these new arrivals do not have them, so this runs entirely in parallel.

@wftl As for the actual networks, I find Mastodon has a better inertia than something like Diaspora. More people here. But the networks exist and are mature - I never found a mass of interesting people on Diaspora, but the functionality was excellent.

@wftl Although there is the usual question of knowing anyone in my outside circles who actually uses it, I am deeply fascinated by @matrix . If I had a group project, that is what I would go with now.
Also, the communication and hub features consolidating with @nextcloud make it interesting for smaller groups. In many ways, Nextcloud Talk can be bent into a Slack-style concept (of course Mattermost is something to look at there, too).

Upgraded my OnePlus 8 to Android 12.
Unpleasant design changes and a more sluggish system. Feels like a bad trade.

Goldman and Kropotkin were writing in the Tsarist autocracy era. They didn’t have votes. A lot of leftist and revolutionary thought come from the era of kings and tyrants, and I’m not saying the world is good now, it’s not. It sucks. But the enemy is different. It’s not The Tsar or Vader or Sauron or Louis XVI. It’s in the air, all around us. Market capitalism is a protocol, a system, a set of game rules, and it’s leading to twisted outcomes. That system is the problem, and our democratic systems of elected government regulations is one of our best (not only!) tools of fixing things. Let’s try to use it well.

“Culture war” issues like racism and sexism are similarly “system”-like in nature (it’s not one bad egg on the throne), and are also something we can try to use our existing policy-making structures to address (alongside using all our other tools).

The people asked for the keys to the kingdom, and we got it. We got the ballot. Now there’s still two naggling issues remaining: the whispering wormtongue of greed and us-vs-them and corruption that’s a constant fixture next to the ever-shifting pilot’s seat, and the slightly bigger problem of: each other. I wanna be super clear that I’m not blaming the 99% for the boot of the 1%, nor am I claiming that the system is never rigged or corrupt. We wanna fix that. Please let’s keep trying to make things better.

I miss the days when finding the next Fedora version name and theme was an elaborate community project.

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