I have started following DCP web designers - youtube.com/user/dcpwebdesigne - they have a lot of good GIMP and LibreOffice tutorials on YouTube

Manjaro Linux 18.0 – Review and Features - linuxbuzz.com/manjarolinux-18- - I have the greatest sympathy for Manjaro, but that green color makes me queasy

'[...] Control by oligarchs, he argues, thwarts rational decision-making, because the short-term interests of the elite are radically different to the long-term interests of society. This explains why past civilisations have collapsed “despite possessing the cultural and technological know-how needed to resolve their crises”. Economic elites, which benefit from social dysfunction, block the necessary solutions.'

'Rich experience' ... 'make our site a richer experience' ...

Ugh! website makers need to stop with the capitalistic terms and experiences NOBODY WANTS.

An honest good experience would be NO TRACKING and NO POPUP/CLICK-TO-CLOSE shit in my face at nearly every fucking website I try to visit.

It's really getting tiring. I don't even like using the web anymore. A necessary evil.

Where is the the wardrobe door to the Narnia web, where no tracking, cookies, marketing, boolsheet exists!?

@johanv Cool! Now, let us see if I actually write stuff. Assume that it will not be particularly regular.

Gnome 3 pre-flight check
- mjjzf.eu/blog/gnome-3 - a few words on what I do to make a fresh Gnome install look nice and usable.

that it is possible to disable the title bar in Firefox since version 60, so it fits in with the CSD windows in Gnome 3 . Go to Menu > Customise and uncheck Title Bar in the bottom left corner. Success!

It is a week full of releases: here is a new version of #Nextcloud Deck with new team work features, activities & comments, undo and a REST API!


Deepin 15.8 - Attractive and Efficient, Excellent User Experience - deepin.org/en/2018/11/15/deepi - it IS beautiful, I just admit. It is really a creature of its own.

@ericbuijs @Matter Also, youtube-dl is a VERY active project. They are extremely quick with updates when the services change API.

@Matter @ericbuijs Not quite - for one, it is a visual interface, and it will suggest associated subtitle files for download as well. Youtube-dl will handle the download, but not the additional features.
I am a great fan of youtube-dl.

@andyc Yeah, just... most other places. I am using Grav at the moment (getgrav.org) which uses Markdown markup. It is quite difficult to see what is going on...

@andyc I really hate the trailing spaces. It is very impossible to see.

@ericbuijs Also, consider looking into TV4Ever (tv4ever.net) - a Chrome/Chromium extension which will record a lot of streaming flow TV channels. I have used it to record Doctor Who when they were playing on Danish TV.

Really coming to appreciate MusicPiped on Android:
It is a YouTube audio streamer, makes it easy to listen to audio when the phone is locked.
I have been listening to the Yes Minister shows!

Write.as is now #FOSS! 🎉 We've named the software behind it #WriteFreely.

WriteFreely lets you self-host a single federated blog or a community of blogs. It's written in Go / #golang, it's lightweight, and runs everywhere -- even on a Raspberry Pi! (We tried 😁)

We just launched v0.1 this weekend, and v0.2 is already coming out early this week. You can try a full demo here: pencil.writefree.ly

Get started with hosting or find a permanent instance here: writefreely.org

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