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A 3,350-Song Playlist of Music from Haruki Murakami’s Personal Record Collection.

Stream it online:

You go on a quest to find an ancient artifact stolen from your people.
You follow the clues and find a land populated by monsters, powerful diabolical creatures.
As you work your way deeper in country and find out where the artifact is kept, it Dawn's on you that they used to be regular people, now twisted into something unholy by the power of the artifact. Now you need to make the hard decision: Can this be avoided, can you get the artifact... or should you destroy it?

"Custom emojis are the price of freedom" - @bortzmeyer

mjjzf - You know what I want for Christmas?
A shared API for ebook progress, so when I drop ebook01.epub in my Nextcloud/Dropbox/OneDrive/whatever and start reading it generates a synced ebook01.epub_progress so when I open the file in another ebook reader on another device, it knows how far I have read.

Just changed my ebook reader.
So tired of all of them trying to look like bloody parchment.
Changed to Lithium, pretty basic but very nice.

Enjoying listening to 'Evil Genius' from the BBC:
Discussing controversial facts about known people like Gandhi, Thatcher and Jobs. Quite enjoyable!

Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is moving its schools to Nextcloud! This means that 10.000 students will enjoy a free, decentralized and open cloud in the future. A great win for #Nextcloud and #FreeSoftware in general.

Is there a Sarcasm and Irony emoji?
Seems like more labeling would be sensible...

Who would win?

💻 :chrome:
a big ol one
computer hongry boy

Using Tor to access sites like YouTube, in addition to improving your privacy, allows to see what's trending in different countries. Quite interesting 😃

Unpopular Opinion 

Buy billboard space and just display public domain art.

Carl Jung Explains Why His Famous Friendship with Sigmund Freud Fell Apart in Rare 1959 Audio

EFF: "deinstall gpg and enigmail and install signal"
gpg: "lol nothing's happening"
enigmail: "we patched that months ago"

“I am not young enough to know everything.”
Oscar Wilde

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