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Greetings through the fediverse,

Today's the day!
RT 27 PR's in "to review" state, feature freeze tomorrow - you can help get these into Nextcloud 14!

Google is joining The Linux Foundation as a Platinum member. Google executive Sarah Novotny will become a Linux Foundation board member.

"An enemy is someone whose story you have not heard."

- Slavoj Žižek, Violence

“Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.”

― Frank Herbert, Dune

(Via @wftl on G+)

@craigmaloney Oh the things I could admit to . . . but I'm trying (not very well) to maintain an image of a reasonably smart guy.

Sadly will shut down on 5th of September. So we have to move on.

You can find us here:


Please follow us there to get the latest updates and to interact with us.

Congratulations to the folks @Framasoft for reaching the first crowdfunding goal for #PeerTube (a free, federated video platform they're developing).

Want to break free of the shackles of the likes of YouTube and Vimeo? Then check it out:

@brainblasted I only have a shared hosting. Wondering if any options are available with what I have. I put GNU Social up, but that never really worked well.

I'm realizing that I've lately been failing at not "correcting" people who are "wrong on the Internet."

In particular on the subject of Google.

I tend to dislike polarization wherever I see it. With a few exceptions, I think it does more harm than good.

It bugged me when fanboys assumed Google could do no wrong, and now I'm just as annoyed people assume everything they do is malicious and evil.

But people have their opinions, their reasons. Good or bad.

I should probably just STFU. 🔇

A Brief History of Soviet Sci-fi: Exploring the wild and woolly futuristic visions from behind the Iron Curtain - - some wild stuff in here

Why Incompetent People Think They’re Amazing: An Animated Lesson from David Dunning (of the Famous "Dunning-Kruger Effect")

Yesterday 15 members of the European Parliament Committee voted for meme bans and censorship machines. But in just 2 weeks, all 751 MEPs will be asked to take a stand either for or against a free & open internet. The people of Europe managed to stop ACTA, we can #SaveYourInternet again! #DeleteArt13 Make your voice heard:

After discussing with @dansup this morning, I've opened a bunch of issues regarding user activity federation in Funkwhale:

You may remember that right now, federation is only about sharing tracks between instances. Once the previous milestone is implemented, users will be able to follow each others on the fediverse, comment on music on so on.

I guess I have my summer scheduled ;)

⚠️ 🍎 🖥 MAC USERS WANTED! 🖥🍎⚠️

We're developing a new minimalistic macOS app that's gonna make your everyday life on Mac a whole lot easier and nicer.😮

If you want to try it out before anybody else, please shoot me a toot.

Boosts are really welcome.😀

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