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So now NC 15 is on the Stable channel. Hmmm. Do I want to push this button?

The end of days has come. You and three buddies revamp different types of forklifts to run on alternative energy. You all wander the wastes and help others with seemingly impossible tasks. You are the forkmen of the apocalypse.
#writingprompts #writing

lol at twitter calling itself a social "network"

it's only got one instance

The #Fediverse can look intimidating for people not to familiair with it, because of the large number of options and all the lingo.

I therefore wrote a guide for any #GPlus user or #gplusrefugee that's (still) looking for an alternative social network in the #Fediverse.

@adam As for AOC and social media, this piece: - point no. 1: “Don’t try to be anybody who you’re not.” - working on the authenticity signaling above all.

Netflix Says Fortnite Is Bigger Competitor Than HBO - - That is an interesting angle.

Digital failures are inevitable, but we need them to be graceful - - "The mark of good software is graceful failure, but it's not a feature or a design spec – it's our relationship with technology", Guardian piece by @doctorow

A library is like an all you can eat buffet but for your mind, or just a regular all you can eat buffet for bookworms and goats.

'The goal is to automate us': welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism - - Sounds interesting, unless you are looking for things to be optimistic about

#free #games #jeux #gratuit

CS:GO (Counter Strike : Global Offensive) est gratuit sur Steam.
Avec bien sûr un mode battle royal.

Vavle n'avait pas trop le choix face à la concurrence phénoménale de Fortnite.

Profitez en, ça marche sous Windows, Linux et MacOS.

Fahrenheit? No, Fahrenheit was the scientist, you mean Fahrenheit's /monster/.

People who talk about the brilliant tales of students at the school of wizardry at Hogwarts should be provided with a copy of A wizard of Earthsea and not be allowed to speak before finishing that series.

Larry Lessig Will Headline Friday's 'Grand Re-opening of the Public Domain' Event

Writing a lot of links in Markdown in a mobile browser is quite unpleasant.

"I feel naked without a weapon," I mutter.
My host at the alien conference looks at me with all its eyes.
"You do not have your predator ancestor's weapons?"
"A gun, or stone axe?" I try to laugh.
"No, your natural weapons: endurance and patience."
"Um. No."
"Then you are naked."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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