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Referring to feel-good movies as "pre-apocalyptic fiction"

radness levels are 77% and steady

(77%) ■■■■■■■□□□

I will occasionally be tempted to put all my books into a system, you know? Just have everything in there.
Then I start thinking about how much time I would be spending on something with essentially no value...

Lopndon council uses Linux for remote working

'HackIT found that the council was, in fact, sitting on hundreds of old laptops'.

'The laptops were all installed with Linux, a much lighter weight OS'.

I suspect many companies have a pile of unused, 'legacy' laptops that are perfectly serviceable.

It would be nice if these could be used to support families trying to do home schooling but do not always have the resources ('Internet poverty').

You will, in this case, be tempted to interrogate the heart. But I can tell you, no witness is less likely to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

OK, enough hype.
-- Larry Wall in the perl man page

Concluding on the new OnePlus 8:
It is extremely responsive, like nothing I have tried before. The apps react insanely fast, the display is extremely crisp, and now that I have put the sandstone cover on it, I am less worried about dropping this extremely smooth piece.
I am less impressed with the camera, I have to say? In daylight, it is certainly brilliant, but it really does not deal as well with evening shots as I would like.

The Library of Congress has announced Citizen DJ, a huge online repository of 100 years' worth of public domain and open access music clips intended to be remixed in new hiphop music.

You can search the repository by sound/metadata, mix new tracks over hiphop beats, and pull curated "sample packs" to use for more ambitious projects.


Should one be worried if considering a Thinkpad with AMD? The A275 is an AMD Processor version of the x270, but I want something that runs Linux smooth as silk. Will ptobably be running Fedora on the machine I get.

apparently unpopular opinion 

the resources that have gone into matrix should've been used on improving XMPP instead so they could've not spent the last 5 years solving problems XMPP solved 20 years ago

"When she had first met David 12 years ago, she had been fascinated by his looks. The expression that mean feel entitled to wear when they stare out of a cold English drawing room onto their own land had grown stubborn over five centuries and perfected itself in David's face. It was never quite clear to Eleanor why the English thought it was so distinguished to have done nothing for a long time in the same place, but David left her in no doubt that they did."

Edward St Aubyn: Never Mind

Nobody wants constructive criticism. It's all we can do to put up with
constructive praise.

So much easier when everything is in one place... So here is 22 hours of Lovecraft.

Did these guys just reinvent IRC... again?

Leverice is a team messenger app that’s taking aim at information overload – TechCrunch

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