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It’s 2020 and this Windows icon is referencing three dead technologies: CRT monitors, CD-ROMs and packaged software.

Cthulhu Saves -- in case He's hungry later.

Need to securely receive or send files? With Firefox Send gone, #Nextcloud is one of your best options!

Was wondering why my Samsung A71 has both power and volume buttons on the right side, because I always use the Power+VolumeDown for screenshots. It dawns on me that this 6.7" phone is actually too large for a lot of people to operate with one hand anyway...

More updates to Gnome Web.
I really want to love it.
But every time I try to open a page I start typing, then the start page starts opening in the background, clears what I have already entered, and I end up having the last five letters and pressing Enter on that.

Tourist'ing my own city today - The Opera House, Copenhagen - Take the water bus straight to the opera.

Felt a need to buy a Samsung A71.
Running something with a 6.7" display and a 4500 mAh battery more than ever makes me think 'this mini computer really should not be referred to as a phone".

After noon it is generally accepted to put bourbon in your chocolate milk.

Tony Stark's net worth: at most 12 billion dollars.

A fictional billionaire is orders of magnitude poorer than our actual billionaires, who sit at 200 billion.

We can't even *imagine* anyone as rich as our actual billionaires.

Jeez, Tony, how do you show your face at the Amazon Charity Gala parading that kind of poverty around?

Software Freedom Day 2020 is coming up, on September 19! Mike Saunders and Italo Vignoli will give an online talk for Free Software Australia, exploring LibreOffice's past and future:

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