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Just bought a used x260, which is excellent with @fedora .
However, because this used to be a corporate laptop, it used to have a sticker on it which is no longer there, and that area needs to be covered.
Now, Fedora used to have a sticker deal with UnixStickers, which is now part of Stickermule. But it does not seem like I can order Fedora stickers unless it is a package with all kinds of other stuff. Anyone know about this?

of an interesting thing where @nextcloud nails it. Turns out, using Outlook it is not possible using recurring meetings to cancel all future meetings and still keep the ones you already participated in.
NC WILL do this. That is quite good. I will be changing my work function at the end of this month, and I will need to stop all the regularly scheduled follow-up meetings with my team. Using Outlook with my job, it means cancelling all the recurring series from Day 1.

An essay pointed me to a book called "How to do nothing: resisting the attention economy"

And I thought this passage interesting:

I begin to identify some of my most serious grievances with the attention economy, namely its reliance on fear and anxiety, and its concomitant logical that "disruption" is more productive than the work of maintenance--of keeping ourselves and others alive and well.

Do you know a (group of) student(s) who wants to work with me on legal tech?

I'm working in a company trying to understand legal court cases better to help the world fight less and settle more.

#thesiswork #ai #ml #legal

“It is better when our youth squats empty houses than them occupying other countries” via @[email protected]

Rose is red, violets blue,
Sugar's sweet and so are you,
Then add another bit,
Wait this ain't a lymrick,
My poem! What the fuck did you do!?!?

Was frustrated with the RSS feeds for The Leviathan Chronicles - turns out it is actually available on Spotify!

"So, Trump contacted a particularly viral strain of poetic justice-itis..."
- The Skepticrat podcast

Don’t be afraid of {Walking blindfolded into traffic}. Don’t let it dominate your life.

Buy old masters. They fetch better prices than old mistresses.
-- Lord Beaverbrook
I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth and they thought
it was hell.
-- Harry S. Truman
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