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Beautifying Calibre - - Very nice. Not the changes I would prefer myself, but good idea to show off the options.

So I have been thinking about this a couple of decades...
But seriously.
I still feel like Ultra Magnus got a bad deal.
He seemed like a better candidate than Rodimua Prime.

I feel like it is becoming clear that Google is not a very good steward of an app store.
I occasionally find good games, but basically buried - they have a very clear interest in boosting the promotion of games with ads and in-app purchases going through their system, and that just means the top billing is games that look god, but are heavily leaving towards pay-to-win.

Confucious say:
man who make love on ground have piece on Earth. - uncanniest valley so far, good to remind you that you are using a potential surveillance device

I burned out on Facebook. Posted a couple of months ago I would be taking a break for a month, don't feel like being back there.
Linkedin has been getting a little toxic for me as well with all the HR professionals I follow, a lot of advice and opinions presenting over-simplified views of the world.
Removed the app yesterday.
I follow quite a few political people on Twitter, and that just means one stated opinion becomes hundreds of shouting angry people.
Hard to follow it all.

"The well-being off the people was always an alibi for tyrants.
The 'pandemic' is a lie!
You are sleepwalking towards a dystopic surveillance society"
I thought this country had a fairly good grip on reality, but the tinfoil factor seems to be on the rise...

i wish all my friends a very pleasant fulfilling well-paid job with good working conditions

amazing that people hate banks + the fiat system so much that they put up with the nonsense that is buying crypto

There's another way to look at this situation: as my friend Randy Farmer said to me: "Society is interpreting centralization of communication as a pathogen. What we're seeing right now is an immune response."

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"The Republican Party Is Now in Its End Stages:
The GOP has become, in form if not in content, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union of the late 1970s." - that is quite a comparison

Started listening to Cooper Dooper podcast, a Twin Peaks companion podcast going through episode by episode.
Very well done, but I am in the original show and am still worried about getting into new Twin Peaks... I really, REALLY hated that, but let's see if they can make me believe.

I have played enough Fallout 4 to know I should probably bring these home.

You know what? I'm tired. I won't engage on Stallman anymore. I used to love this place, and that rift he created is consuming slowly the entire community.
I said my piece many times, and I won't change a thing, so I'm done.
Let's go back to talking about computers, science, philosophy and games. :)

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