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A patent troll has used nearly 20-year-old patents to sue 13 companies. @Cloudflare is offering $100k in bounties to those who help find & publish prior art on these patents.

Read this @pluralistic post about how certain people (mostly lobbyists) and organizations are fighting to kill efforts to create generic COVID vaccines. There's a war between life and death and sadly, death is winning.

Quarantined Dancer Recreates Iconic Movie Dance Scenes: Flashdance, Footloose, Saturday Night Fever, Pulp Fiction and, Of Course, Dirty Dancing - - Impressively absurd, absurdly impressive

Yes, most WordPress sites are horribly bloated. That doesn't have to be the case though. Here's how I built my own WP theme that allows my homepage to be <100kb with only 4 HTTP requests. Yes, you can make a sustainable site with WordPress.

When I have a game installed with in-game ads, most of these point to other games with in-game ads.
Not sure about the economy of this ecosystem.

At the end of a watch – Outpost North - Reading about the bland first impressions of the OnePlus Watch. I can not help wondering what a smartwatch is, and what it is becoming.

The broken windows theory of useless technology:

"People expect technology to suck because it actually sucks"

/via… (which doesn't actually (at a glance) suck for this article)
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I actually quite like Star Trek: Discovery.
I understand that this is an often unpopular opinion among the treksters.
I do have one... nit to pick. Early on (and later on a need to use basis), she is presented as a cool, logical mind with the Vulcan upbringing. As the story progresses, she is literally the least Vulcan of the entire crew.
I am not saying this is a plot hole you can park DS9 in, merely that it does not seem like a plot device you can use and then generally ignore.

If the sickly green color doesn't tip you off that you are installing , installing LiLo should clue you in...
The nostalgia is deep with this one, had that as my main system for years.
Now Pat put out that the present state of Slackware-Current can be tagged as a Beta for Slackware 15.

Beautifying Calibre - - Very nice. Not the changes I would prefer myself, but good idea to show off the options.

So I have been thinking about this a couple of decades...
But seriously.
I still feel like Ultra Magnus got a bad deal.
He seemed like a better candidate than Rodimua Prime.

I feel like it is becoming clear that Google is not a very good steward of an app store.
I occasionally find good games, but basically buried - they have a very clear interest in boosting the promotion of games with ads and in-app purchases going through their system, and that just means the top billing is games that look god, but are heavily leaving towards pay-to-win.

Confucious say:
man who make love on ground have piece on Earth. - uncanniest valley so far, good to remind you that you are using a potential surveillance device

I burned out on Facebook. Posted a couple of months ago I would be taking a break for a month, don't feel like being back there.
Linkedin has been getting a little toxic for me as well with all the HR professionals I follow, a lot of advice and opinions presenting over-simplified views of the world.
Removed the app yesterday.
I follow quite a few political people on Twitter, and that just means one stated opinion becomes hundreds of shouting angry people.
Hard to follow it all.

"The well-being off the people was always an alibi for tyrants.
The 'pandemic' is a lie!
You are sleepwalking towards a dystopic surveillance society"
I thought this country had a fairly good grip on reality, but the tinfoil factor seems to be on the rise...

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