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"Always, before any of this began, I enjoyed gossip, an essential qualification for the [psychotherapist] job. Now I get to hear a lot of it, a river of human effluvium flowing into me, day after day, year after year. Like many modernists, Freud privileged detritus; you could call him the first artist of the ‘found’, making meaning out of that which is usually discarded. It is dirty work, getting closely acquainted with the human."

- Hanif Kureishi: Something to tell you

"The man you love in me, of course, is better than me. I'm not like that. But he loves you, and I'll make sure I'm better than myself."

A. S. Pushkin

Usually my open source and self hosting interests are all hobby, but when I use integrated into my Nextcloud to make flowcharts for my work, it is very gratifying...

Is there actually a sensible way to drive the tank in Battlefield WWII?
It seems to pretty much drive in the direction it feels like.

and some people still believe in this whole "autogynephilia" thing, which means they perceive the very existence of trans people as inherently sexual

RT @[email protected]

It just feels blatantly obvious that the second we concede “fetish and kink”, every single non-passing, nonbinary, or in any other way non gender conforming trans person becomes a target


Regardless of your talents, the difference in likelihood of doing something if you try and doing something if you don't try is still above zero.

Time to make things happen! Unfortunately, this is the biggest combination of crisis and useless you can imagine.

TIL Sam Witwer (who played Darth Maul) is a retrocomputing enthusiast who loves the Amiga.


Wow, that's rough.

[email protected] - “Lobbying by Poland and Hungary has led to the removal of the phrase ‘gender equality’ from a Friday declaration on advancing social cohesion in the European Union.”​

Thank goodness they didn’t try to remove “Single Market” or there would have been a huge uproar.


"OnePlus Watch Review: They Settled!" - - much as I feared, apparently not really there yet. At least they tried to do their own system.

Signal’s smartass ad exposes Facebook’s creepy data collection - - I can see the temptation, not a wonder they got canceled

Hmmm. Gnome 40.
F34 is perfectly fine! But I do wonder about some design decisions...

I need a job. While I'm applying to PhD positions, I can't wait around for that.

Nothing makes the reality that I have to do this hit hard quite like paying out 10k of bills...

Recent M.Sc. in Mathematics (Number Theory). I can do mathematics, software engineering, etc. I write English passably, and can limp by in German.

Goettingen or remote... I'll move if I must but it'd be a heavy burden at this point. USA citizen in Germany, Czech citizenship in the works but not yet in the bag. This is 2021, surely remote is possible.

Temporary or freelance work also a possibility. :boost_ok:

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