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Having another go at the Picard series.
I thought it was like watching paint dry the first time, but I will give it a shot.

🔥 MailTape 485 with Raw Poetic

This morning, we’re ringing in the day with smooth sunshine tracks introduced by our dear guest, Raw Poetic.

The project of Jason Moore, Raw Poetic’s music dips into treadings of hip hop, jazz, folk, and soul. Instead of categorizing his work, Jason simply says, “what it sounds like is what it sounds like.”...


Insanity is considered a ground for divorce, though by the very same
token it is the shortest detour to marriage.
-- Wilson Mizner

I wonder what the situation is with the ISS given the war.

Also please don't be shitty to Russian people online or offline. They don't have any say over what the Kremlin does and repeatedly asking for their opinion about this is grating and annoying.

"Microsoft makes the best software:

The best web browser for downloading normal web browsers
The best OS for downloading normal OSes"

RT @[email protected]

У мелкомягких лучший софт


> I'm just sayin', everyone that confuses correlation with causation eventually ends up dead.…

Finally, children are getting what we all deserve: A new law in California will place restrictions on profiling younger users for targeted advertising. Let's keep fighting for our right to privacy! 💪😎

An architect fellow named Yoric
Could, when feeling euphoric,
Display for selection
Three kinds of erection--
Corinthian,ionic,and doric.

There are LOADS of alternatives to Goodreads!

Here's a growing list of book tracking and reading services that are not from Amazon. They all have a different approach or focus, meaning you now have CHOICE!

We're on there too, for all you ebook readers.

Wow, Mozilla haven't just jumped the shark as a privacy-focused organisation, they've gone back for a second jump too

The beautiful thing about neoliberals is they believe everyone should be able to take part in colonialism regardless of race, skin colour, sexual orientation, etc.

Should You Use a New, Obscure Linux Distro or Stick With the Mainstream Ones? • Tux Machines ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachines

"Wait," said the princess, "let's check the rules."
After a long, epic search, they finally found the Booklet of Rules.
"Well?" the knight said.
"Knight kills dragon," the dragon read, "dragon abducts princess, princess seduces knight."
"I'd rather not."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

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