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BREAKING: An open letter to the EU from @vgcerf, @timberners_lee and dozens of Internet pioneers and luminaries warns #Article13's copyright filters would break the modern Internet.

tired: I googled it
wired: I DuckDuckWent for it

A gentleman walks up to you at a brisk pace and hands you a gun saying, "You know what you need to do" and then walks away just as quickly as he came. The only problem is you have no idea what he's referring to...
#writingprompts #writing

So... What kind of moron limits the number as characters in a name?

A small nation of bored immortals has selected a mortal lineage to be their rulers.. #writingprompts

Every right-wing political leader in Europe is abducted to a secret prison.
The abductors turn out to be secret missionaries of the superhuman. They explain to the politicians that they find their pathetic racial prejudice offensive and that fat white swastika lovers have no place in the future. The Next Society is made up by strong, smart & powerful people of ALL races.
The politicians now must choose: Do they want a place in the Next Society of mixed-race superhumans?


Ambivalent with the popularity of Markdown.
Not that it isn't clever, practical and readable compared to various HTML incarnations or LaTeX, for instance, but a lot of recent apps let you use Markdown as default writing tool - in places where you would not usually be coding the markup for your text.
Saving the text in Markdown makes sense as an exchange format, but getting people used to injecting [Markdown syntax] ( everywhere is just weird.

brands, consumerism, animated gif 

Looking at Templates - a lot of really beautiful and inspirational pieces.
Look at it if you are working on a flyer, a publication, a business card:

Very interesting advice from a #Debian developer about #GitHub and #GitLab

If you don't want to use, here are two alternative instances for #FreeSoftware projects:

The Debian Gitlab instance is available for every FOSS project and not only for Debian-related ones. As long as the project respects the Debian Free Software Guidelines, you can use the instance

Riseup maintains a Gitlab instance for radical projects named 0xacab.

@adam Wait, if K is the 11th letter and you take 3 of them, the KKK is... #33?

using a ~$200 USD drone: "In a paper titled 'Eye in the Sky,' the researchers describe their system... An algorithm trained using deep learning estimates poses of humans in the video and matches them to postures researchers have designated as 'violent.'"

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