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[Theory] Jar Jar Binks was a trained Force user, knowing Sith collaborator, and will play a central role in The Force Awakens - - this is not new, but worth revisiting

"Polar Vortex Causes Hundreds of Injuries as People Making Snide Remarks About Climate Change Are Punched in Face"…
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Can someone give me a rundown of what is up with and why people seem to want to ditch their accounts on that instance?

Facebook just hired a handful of its toughest privacy critics - - Yeah... no. If they are taking your money, not much of a critic. (via @aral )

What is the difference between USA and USB? 

One connects to all of your devices and accesses the data, the other is a hardware standard.

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Many have been asking for it: a Virtual Drive for the #Nextcloud desktop client. It is coming! We're proud to announce availability of a Tech Preview, test it out today!

Google Podcasts.
Why on Earth would you not include the option 'Remove when done'?

It has been too long since I looked into .
They are hinting that they are approaching the 4.14 release. But there are so many nice things I have not looked into for a long time.

If my children want to express their Independence and individualism, my hope is that they will do so by opposing the ways of their father by doing the dishes, polishing the windows and that kind of thing. That would be a great rebellion.

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