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@Jami How does Jami do contact discovery? Is there a central registry, or does it send invites for direct connection?
All processing done locally?

So #FollowFriday. Much alternative. Wow. :blobsurprised:

🌐 @torproject Tor Project: Volunteer network for protecting privacy online

📞 @Jami Jami: Free open alternative to #Skype, uses peer-to-peer instead of servers

🤖 @gdroid G-Droid: An alternative user-friendly way of browsing @fdroidorg

🕹️ @itchio DRM-free indie games store and community site

⛏️ @Minetest Minetest: Free open alternative to #Minecraft

#FF #FFed #Alternatives

Woman wakes up in darkness, unable to move. Horrified, with no mouth to scream. Suddenly one day, she is spoken to and discovers she is able to answer. She is told she was hurt and is being rehabilitated. Over weeks, she talks with her therapist and starts coming to terms with leaving life behind.
One day, her therapist reveals that her body was destroyed in a disaster that made the Earth uninhabitable, and she was uploaded as an AI officer on the ship now evacuating mankind.

The apples are left on the trees in the orchard. When wintry rain covers them in ice, the apples are persuaded to dissolve, to leave only a ghost behind in the icy shell.
Cider made from ghost apples warms the dead, and chills the living.
You look like you need some.
#Cassoland #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Text for tombstone:
"Method to his madness, but much madness to his method"

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just a reminder to all of you

sufficiently advanced friendship is indistinguishable from magic

A while back I posted a Norwegian article about a young man with physical disabilities and the life he led in games - BBC now have it translated into English and its the same kind of heartbreak/feelgood/heartbreak text and damn well worth a read

Worried about security in #nextcloud or think you can break in? Earn up to $5000 in our #Security #Bug #Bounty program! We put our money where our mouth is...

@ReverendGuimo Let anybody try to out-stupid the Church of the SubGenius!

Job opportunity: Join Tutanota to make it quantum-resistant - - the brilliant Hanover, Germany-based secure mail service @Tutanota is looking for developers for a project in cooperation with the Leibniz University Hanover.

Can a computer be creative? Chips with Everything podcast - - This is interesting: Computer-created art. In an example, an artist has programmed the AI - then what is intelligence, what is creativity - and who is the artist?

Human space exploration stalled, costs were too high to return investment. Now, the outer colonies are mineral and ice mines. You are a miner into beer & animated nude calendars.
One day, you are contacted by an AI, and a spaceship appears a few days later. They explain: Slightly embarrassing, but they have created a society where humans have been removed. But while creators trained the AI well, they have creativity issues. They want to offer you a job.

Whoopi Goldberg asked to be the first female Doctor Who - - I personally think that would have been horrible, but I would be up for a Guinan cameo

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