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A Third of All Chrome Extensions Request Access To User Data on Any Site

Had problems importing Contacts to Nextcloud. Seems like the problem is my VCF file is v2.1 and it requires 3.0. It also seems someone solved that exact problem:

That nervous and terrified feeling when you audaciously submit a PR to someone's repository like you're some kind of competent person who knows what the fuck they're doing.

I am having trouble finding out whether it is possible with @nextcloud Talk to connect Server 1 user with Server 2 user..
I tried to hook up [email protected] to [email protected], but all I can get to is anonymous invitation, not federated handshake.

Hmmm. My Gnome Calendar insists my new Baïkal CalDAV server is read-only, which is very weird.
It works on my Android phone with Davdroid.

Academic journal daydream 

Academia: Publish or perish!

Journals: Yes, signing away your rights to receive royalties for your work was certainly done voluntarily and without coercion this sounds legit

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Into the 2nd season of The Punisher. I actually find it quite good, but it seems more like a Marvel-inspired action series than something from the actual Marvel universe.

I will listen to Despacito as soon as it respects my freedom

The Rise and Fall of the English Sentence: The surprising forces influencing the complexity of the language we speak and write - - Like, cool piece, yeah?
(Via @[email protected] )

@Strit Jeg kan se, at du diskuterer - bruger du den? Jeg er meget interesseret i Riot og Matrix, men jeg er ikke rigtigt med i nogen projekter, der dyrker det.

Violent video games found not to be associated with adolescent aggression - - "Researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, have found no relationship between aggressive behaviour in teenagers and the amount of time spent playing violent video games."
Glad to see research, but seriously: If everyone playing GTA mimicked it, everyday life in the city would be pretty damned rough

Does anyone know an Android audio tag editor that will handle Opus files?

Ah, Gnome 3 with a beautiful transparent top panel.
This is the cleanest clean and just lovely.

Chuck Schumer's general counsel, once a Goldman Sachs lobbyist, won't disclose the names of 95% of his former clients

If you're a developer interested in #OpenSource projects that make the world better, our team wants to hire someone like you. Got coding chops, passion, & a good internet connection? Let's make it happen!


#FreeSoftware #ICT4D #FLOSS #FOSS

Save money this Valentine's Day by being unlovable

I need to automatically extract data from an outline in a Word document. Word’s APIs are obviously terrible.

Tried converting into HTML so I could just parse <ol>s, but no; Word created thousands of <p>s and styled them individually to make a list. Tried unzipping the docx, found a similar mess.

Convert to OpenDocument and suddenly it’s in a reasonable nested list form with correct use of XML.

Once again, open formats prove themselves superior to Microsoft.

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