Even more glad than usual that I didn't end up going into the APS. I like regional Australia but a forced relocation is unreasonable.

Good use for my old Android phone that hasn't seen an update in a year: Spotify-to-Chromecast Audio player.

Our possums are cute and basically harmless -- I mean sure, if you mess with them they'll fight back, but that's true of any wildlife. You'll hear them at night but not really see them much.


Today I finally looked for a photo of what Americans call a "possum".

Holy shit are those things scary-looking! Nothing like our cuties.

Phew! Glad I had the lid on my week-old laptop down when I knocked a glass of water over it!

Pretty happy with @FreedomeVPN so far. Always-on does chew on the battery a bit on iPhone, but better safe than sorry eh?

While shitpost.club is a cool URL, someone should convince the owner of shitpo.st to run up an instance.

And yes this reflects my meatspace world more than the bird site does: I live in a very multicultural city, and it is super-common to hear Chinese languages, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hindi, Pashtun, and a variety of other languages.

I don't understand any of those either, but it keeps me grounded, keeps me clear that the world is not all just white English-speakers.

A thing I am really liking about so far is that it hasn't yet collapsed into very isolated language groups.

For example, here I routinely see at least English and French, and have started seeing a bit of Japanese around too.

On the bird site all I see is English, with the occasional Japanese retweet because I have a friend who works translating Japanese games to English so she sometimes retweets Japanese people about those.

I understand almost no French but it is still good to see.

Lots of hate for Electron today. I'll admit that it has it's problems, but everything has it's trade-offs. I work in a small company and sometimes you have to use sub-optimal tech for the job because otherwise the job doesn't get done.

So hey, depression. It's a thing. 

For me it mostly comes up with respect to my "personal life" -- I've got great support work-wise, so it's not a huge problem there.

I'm single. Have been most of my adult life. The depression fairy tells me this is because I'm fat, disabled, lazy, and really don't bring enough to the table to be worth it.

Of course my rational self knows that I'm not a terrible person. But the depression fairy laughs at rationality.


Right now mastodon feels like a more social social network than twitter, which I think people often use as a megaphone (which is fine, it's just its own thing). I'm more likely to talk to people here, and they're more likely to talk back. It'll be interesting to see how much that changes as more famous people join, and more people become Mastodon Famous. Maybe the community feel will stick around because of how instances work, though. I hope so!

Happy Youth Week! Here's how the Turnbull govt screwed the young this week bit.ly/2nQjRCI#.WOmeS_JCmgs.tw

Tooter is an extension that lets you toot from Twitter. Should help me get started with Mastodon

Oh hey that's cute, never noticed it before! Firefox has a "read this page aloud" function in reader mode, at least on Windows. It's just using the Windows-provided voices.

Does it do this on Mac?


Hooray! Sunday afternoon steam train running through the city.

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