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Pleasantly surprised by this:

I did notice that the packaging on the XPS 15 I recently bought was pretty minimal. Nicely designed, very little excess compared to what I've got used to over the years.

Anyone else remember those huge boxes Sun used to ship power cords in?

So, .

I'm Matt, I'm Australian. Bad programmer, marginally better sysadmin, working in web accessibility for the last few years. Started coding on the Apple ][ as a kid, kept on doing that. Mostly Perl, some Python, a wee bit of JavaScript.

Very lazy person, probably why I was okay at being a sysadmin: automate all the things!

Likes furry and feathered beasties. Disabled in multiple exciting ways. My everything is intersectional.

Apparently this was a controversial position to take over on that other site, but... 

I quite like pineapple.

Sometimes even on pizza.

Also, some serious keyboard accessibility issues. Focus indication isn't consistent and is in some places simply not visible at all. Can end up in a set of visibly-hidden links quite easily.

But not a bad start, definitely seen much worse. And unlike the usual corporate-controlled social media services it's something I can help to improve.

First quirk I've noticed: scrolling with the mousewheel doesn't work in Chrome (57), but does in Firefox (52). though there may be some interaction with the weird sets of extensions I run in each -- my FF setup is much "cleaner" than Chrome as I use FF for accessibility testing work and need to be sure that extensions aren't disrupting what sites are trying to do.

Ultimately Mastodon's killer feature is that it's a public good that someone built because they thought it needed to exist and not a startup someone built because they wanted to get rich quick selling other people's data.

A couple of PSAs that new users may find useful:

- Faving toots does nothing, your followers (and local timeline) will only see things you boost
- Following people from other instances ensures you can see their toots in the future and that they'll show up on your instance's federated timeline

So here are some orange-bellied parrots. The photo was taken by @manichenry on the bird site as part of Operation OBP, a crowdfunded effort by the Difficult Bird Research Group out of ANU to try and help the OBP breed this year -- there are very few of them left in the wild, they're almost extinct.

A photo of one of the dogs I grew up with seems as appropriate as anything else for my first toot. This is Tiny, she was my grandmother's dog, then my uncle's dog, until both had died and my parents took her in.


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