@dansup I'm trying to get pixelfed installed. I did create mysql database (10.1) and no dice. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong or how to proceed?

@PawelOrzech to MariaDB 10.1, tak? w wymaganiach jest 10.2.7, typowi w podlinkowanym issue pomógł update do 10.4

@PawelOrzech so, it's actually MariaDB, there's no such a MySQL version

@mkljczk @dansup well I tried to move to sqlite then but still it doesn’t work properly. I think I might be cursed (also no mention of sqlite on issue tracker)

@PawelOrzech Last time I was using sqlite with pixelfed was before this migration so it might just not work anymore
you'd probably have to modify some migration files like this


@PawelOrzech I see that sqlite is not even listed as supported anymore

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@mkljczk Meh, bummer. I asked my hosting provider to update mysql to 10.4 but not gonna happen until next month

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