After more than three years of not using #Diaspora, I decided to make it kinda sorta official:

I feel Diaspora developers are being difficult about implementing #ActivityPub, which they could do for public posts and private messages.

I remember Diaspora being the biggest FLOSS social network and being somewhat smug about it, especially in any interoperability discussions. It's interesting to see the tables turned nowadays...

Still, hoping beyond hope they change tack.

I registered on some Diaspora instance I don't remember the name of when I was literally like 10 years old, so basically as soon as the project launched. I think it's pretty demotivating to join a Mastodon/Pleroma/PeerTube/Pixelfed/Mobilizon/Lemmy etc. instance if you remember that there was a project called Diaspora working in a similar way that sort of failed and there is no hype around it anymore…


@rysiek That's why I really hope they will change they mind about ActivityPub…

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