One highlight from 3.3.0 is that account suspensions can now be reversed without data loss within 30 days. This makes moderation mistakes less fatal.

Another highlight is that you can now opt into being notified when somebody you follow makes a new post, so rare posters are not lost among an otherwise busy home feed.

You can now dynamically block IPs and IP ranges from the admin interface, preventing full access or merely limiting sign-ups, to help combat spam.

There are a lot of performance improvements in 3.3.0. The list of known servers and blocked domains in the admin interface now loads within a few hundred ms instead of multiple seconds. Deleting an account's data is about 100 times faster.

Some conditions that caused unnecessary work in the web interface during typing have been fixed, making it feel less laggy.

Media modals in the web interface are prettier, using the media's dominant color to tint the overlay, and displaying an action bar to interact with it.

In 3.3.0, you can finally control media playback using familiar hotkeys. Spacebar, m, f, and even frame-by-frame navigation using . and ,


@Mastodon There’s also my small contribution I really like, working on Chromium (and derivatives) for Android and Windows if you ‘installed’ the PWA🙃

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