@ConnyDuck Before I submit this to the github project issues as an enhancement request, does Tusky currently have the ability to start at the last unread toot? I could be missing something but from what I can tell it always starts with the most recent toot on the home tab when opening the app.

It really bugs me in the movie Skyfall when Q (security/tech guy) talks about how he created an advanced security algorithm and then proceeds to directly connect the enemy's laptop to the HQ internal network. This of course leads to them getting hacked and the bad guy who was locked up getting away. Basically, if Q had any common sense the movie would have ended there. But, it is a movie after all.

Picked up all 3 volumes of Mission 2002 by trance[]control on Bandcamp. I remember first listening to them in high school, jamming out while building web sites the old fashioned way (just a text editor and no use of css preprocessor or frameworks). They were ahead of their time, releasing albums on mp3.com and singles on their own membership site. I was so impatient waiting for a new mp3 to download over 56k.

I've tried SO many music player apps on Android to play my oggs. After finding Musicolet, I've pretty much stopped looking. The multi queue functionality has really grown on me. The tag editor has worked flawlessly too.

Wow, weird timing. Shortly after my last toot Cryo Chamber announced a pre-order for Mount Shine's second album. Looking forward to that one!


Still one of my favorite ambient albums of all time. Whether I'm just trying to chill or fall asleep, this always does the trick.


@ConnyDuck Hey Konrad, just wanted to say thank you for maintaining Tusky! It's a pleasure to use and is my favorite way to interact with Mastodon. It seems like it's in good hands with you at the helm. Keep up the great work! ๐Ÿ‘

@charlag Howdy! I just wanted to let you know I checked out your web site and fully endorse (not that it matters) your world view and aspirations. We need more people in the world like you who favor respect, humbleness, and cosmopolitanism to unite and level up humanity. Keep being awesome. ๐Ÿ‘

Today is a black tea kind of day. I usually stick with pu-er or oolong but had received a sample of Qianjiazhai sun dried black tea from Verdant Tea that fit the mood on this cold sunny afternoon.

Drinking cheap white zinfandel while watching Santa Clarita Diet cause why not.


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