Imagine it's 1993 and you wanto to share the cool tunes you composed on your MSX2

@lain Do you have other issues? I have issues from 1992-07 to 1995-08(final)


@lain Oh... did you get them in Japan? I agree you're 謎の外人😅

@molety these ones i got on ebay... When I go to Japan again I want to buy some there, it's too expensive to import.

@lain Good luck! MSX-FAN was/is so nice... I wrote in my Twitter profile that "心の雑誌: MSX-FAN"

@lain lainさん、東方とかすごい詳しいのもびっくりしたけど、MSX-FANまでとは…。amazing

@lain どひゃあぁ。😅😅😅

I've never had any NEC machine... ah...! I've had Mobile Gear once.

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