total ~$10k



_(:3 」∠)_

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I won't be able to make it to my debt payment in time for next month...

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my parents' pension are not so much, and my sister living in Osaka needs 仕送り(money from my parents).

so, I can hardly depend on my parents' pension...

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I'm trying various means for earnings now, so some of them may succeed in the future, but they won't make it to the payment for near future.

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ahh, already depending on my parents' pension for living😅, but no more for the debt payment...

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What can I do for the debt payment of April?...

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In Japan, the change of 元号(gengou) is planned in May, so it's predicted that computer systems will confuse. It is needed to prepare the debt payment for May ASAP.

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If my credit cards are stopped because the payment delays, some of the means of earnings will be unavailable. It becomes more difficult to pay for my debt...

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succeeded in preparing for the payment for April...

probably for May too...

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