total ~$10k



_(:3 」∠)_

I won't be able to make it to my debt payment in time for next month...




my parents' pension are not so much, and my sister living in Osaka needs 仕送り(money from my parents).

so, I can hardly depend on my parents' pension...

I'm trying various means for earnings now, so some of them may succeed in the future, but they won't make it to the payment for near future.

ahh, already depending on my parents' pension for living😅, but no more for the debt payment...

What can I do for the debt payment of April?...

In Japan, the change of 元号(gengou) is planned in May, so it's predicted that computer systems will confuse. It is needed to prepare the debt payment for May ASAP.


If my credit cards are stopped because the payment delays, some of the means of earnings will be unavailable. It becomes more difficult to pay for my debt...

succeeded in preparing for the payment for April...

probably for May too...

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