@lain I need some job just now... debt... _(:3 」∠)_

@codewiz @mayuutann Ah mistake... these→they... but they don't seem like human...😅

@codewiz like "ゆっくりしていってね"? 🤔 (means "relax"?)

@codewiz I see. "焦らないで" (あせらないで) is translated directly to "don't rush", I think.

@codewiz Take your time! 焦らないで (←Is this expression unnatural?)

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@codewiz Thanks! I've arrived at Nagoya just now, 私も改札に着くのにもう少しかかります。

@codewiz I've got on the Meitetsu train. I'll reach at Nagoya station at around 17:00.

@codewiz Uhh... ticket machines are at several places... nearest the gates one, OK? 改札に一番近いticket machineでいいですか?

@codewiz !?!?!? Will you get on the Shinkansen at 17:12 ???

@codewiz Yeah, I'll be able to go to Nagoya station at that time. Where will we meet? Near the ticket gates of Shinkansen?

@codewiz I got it! If the plan is changed, let me know again.😄

@codewiz I see. It takes me at least ~1h to go to Nagoya station, so please let me know around that time.

@codewiz Oh, really!? I wanna meet you! What time and where should I go tomorrow?

@codewiz 鵜飼い! I'm living in Konan City (江南市) in Aichi Pref. Relatively near there? けっこう近い場所?

@mayuutann @freakazoid @ashphy @codewiz "ぜいたくは素敵だ" was originally "ぜいたくは敵だ" during the wars, I heard. (probably)

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