🇷🇺 Russia: 🇺🇦 Ukrainian forces obstruct humanitarian corridors and use people as human shields.

«According to Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova, Kiev has constantly resisted the evacuation of Ukrainians to Russia and has "forcibly pushed" migrants to the west.»

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«News networks look to recruit spokespeople and other high-profile individuals for political day-to-day political coverage as anchors and regular contributors. George Stephanopoulos, an ABC News host, for example, was formerly the White House communications director under Bill Clinton, former US president. Nicolle Wallace, an MSNBC political analyst, was also…»

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🍜 辛ラーメンは自作できます! という話。これやってみたい。

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出典が Wikipedia とのことなので留保が必要ですが,もしそうなら日本のケンタッキーフライドチキンなどは食の植民地化の象徴と言えるかも。

🇮🇷 🍲 ゴレスターン州のキャドゥ・トルシャク

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🇮🇷 🍲 北部ゴレスターン州の魚料理「キャプール・キャレ」

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🥣 : 今年の冬はこれで乗り切ろうか,と思わされる一品。参考にします。

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TBH I don’t understand where is the difference between France and the Communist China. The latter persecutes Uyghur Muslims, calling them terrorists, extremists, separatists… and for this reason the Western countries criticize China’s human rights violations. Is there any country in the West that criticizes France in the same manner?

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🇩🇪 «Germany has recently followed Austria in locking down its unvaccinated citizens despite the implementation of mask mandates and vaccine passports, with politicians struggling to spin the mild Omicron COVID variant as another public health threat.»

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«Stella Moris, announced yesterday that Mr. Assange had a “mini-stroke” on October 27… This dangerous deterioration of Mr. Assange’s health underscores urgent concerns raised by Doctors for Assange over the past two years. Therefore, once again, Doctors for Assange calls for Mr. Assange to be released from prison so he can access consistent, high quality, independent medical care – something which is impossible for him to obtain in Belmarsh prison.»


🇷🇺 «Explaining the decision to sink the resolution, Russia’s Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia said the document would have imposed an extremely one-sided perspective to deal with conflicts, while potentially enabling the UNSC to put any country on its agenda under the guise of climate-related issues.»

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