I want to know how you track yourself: the time you spent in every task; the posts, papers and books you have read; the money you have spent; the music you have listened to; the things you have learned... Do you use apps? Only desktop or also on the phone? Maybe you just write everything in a notebook? Do you use some kind of system? I want to know EVERYTHING. Boosts more than welcome, of course! #askMastodon


@xiroux I track a lot of things!

Books β†’ Goodreads
TV Shows β†’ Droidshows
Movies β†’ Letterboxd
Mood β†’ My Life in Pixels
Brief Diary β†’ NextCloud Calendar
Time track β†’ Toggl; I'm trying to change to Project Hamster, and I've also tried arbtt for automatic tracking (feels like the best option if well-configured)

I occassionaly use Loop for habits and I have a couple tasks on IFTTT/Zapier to make spreadsheet backups of the articles I save in Pocket

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