Happy New Year!

hajimemashou hajimemashou
nani kara hajimemashou~ 🎶

Time to get off social media until I finish Girls' Last Tour. I am not here, I do not exist!

Wow my jails are finally booting after decryption, that's new! Not jumping on the Docker ship yet...

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Time to upgrade FreeNAS to 11.1 and hope I don't lose all my "Linux ISOs".

Good thing the app has confirmation for boosts and favorites.

I'm uninstalling and because of how many times I accidentally boosted toots while scrolling a timeline with my phone.

Then I quickly unboost it because it's not even interesting stuff and I feel rude about it. It's like sending a notification to the author that the toot isn't actually worth boosting.

How am I supposed to sleep after that? Bad UX design has consequences!

Fun related easter egg in : import antigravity


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