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i love all the recent mastodon updates! but i wanna request something. i want the page to play Running in the 90s the entire time the tab is open. at full volume. i just think it would really enhance the user experience

i beat the third palace in p5 and came back to see not a single l*lic*n post on my feeds...hell freakin yes. i call that a win

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why you may have ended up on my blocklist 

-annoying bot that doesn't add anything
-"lol [$minoritygroup] should all burn to death for something they can't control"
-"lol [$majoritygroup] should all burn to death for something they can't control"

i cannot be on this site until something is done about the fucking child porn on my feeds. [email protected]

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I'd be fine with no photos. An improvement. If you have an image you're peeing your pants to share, post a link.

y'all can go post your porn on whatever the hell other sites you want to. i joined mastodon to be a part of a social community that is infinitely accessible to other people in other communities. fuck all the discourse about follower counts... truth be told if this is continues to be an issue i'd be fine nuking the photo upload option entirely. i don't want to have to mute 50 people posting child porn straight from the pixiv website every time i look at my federated timeline

last boost - no offence but this was NOT the kind of site i wanted to join

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oh cool discourse about drawn child porn :^) great! really gonna put my mute list to the test today i suppose. bye!

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turning on the ps4 and loading up p5 just to idle in the velvet room and blast the music thru the house

im not a furry but i wish i could do that one tihng dogs do where they shake their entire bodies

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皆さん、こんにちは!I only speak English but I am traveling to Tokyo soon. Are any of you horny? Where the gay men at?

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aesthetic: naming yourself and everything you make after common google search terms so nobody can find you from a search no matter what

i'll be honest a lot of the meta discussion of mastodon is naive and offputting lol

maybe it's just me but i don't wanna see bots that pull from rss feeds on my timelines if i want the news i'd go to a news site

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