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J'adore toute la presse informatique : Facebook à l'installation demande l'accès complet aux contacts, SMS, GPS... Et après les gens "Ils accèdent à nos SMS ???!!!"

Non mais vous pourriez utiliser votre cerveau, des fois ?

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Le mot de passe doit contenir au moins 10 caractères (12 caractères maxima) avec au moins un chiffre, au moins une minuscule et au moins une majuscule.

Si cela continue, ils vont nous pondre des règles tellement compliquées que le nombre de mots de passe différents va être réduit à portion congrue.

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American state-sanctioned violence against school kids 

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I was wondering why some clocks at home we running slow for the past weeks.

Turns out it's because there is electricity missing in Europe because of Serbia and Kosovo and it lowered the European grid frequency. Insane!


(And that's why I'm late too)

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Suicide statistics and suicide methods 

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Is it time to #nationalise #academicpublishers?

"As many #researchers are uncomfortably aware, eye-watering #profitmargins are alive and well in #academia. #Elsevier announced profits of £900+ million, and margins of 36.8%.

In the UK, university libraries are paying more than ever for journals despite speedy progress towards #openaccess. Average article processing charges are increasing at more than 5% a year. Nor does the rise of #Sci-Hub seem to have dented margins."


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"Wenn das Internet nicht sicher ist um Wahlen durchzuführen, warum ändert
man dann nicht die Struktur um es Sicher zu machen"


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I'm finding English to be the most important language for a developer. Not C++, Python, Rust, Ruby, Go or anything like that.


Learn it. Get better at it.

Your ability to communicate is paramount if you work on a team.

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This week I'll publish some Python programming notes, for students and people who want to learn.

You can encourage that kind of behavior throwing some dollars here:

Or few cents.

Or giving me hugs and kisses.

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merci à l'accent circonflexe pour m'apprendre tant de choses de l'étymologie, malgré que j'avais cru que c'était tout a fait nul d'abord

Here's a friendly report on phoneme frequency across languages as my first post



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